12 Benefits Of Meditation Backed By Science

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Benefits Of Meditation Backed By Science!

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In the health and wellness arena, you will hear the terms ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ very often. Have you given meditation a shot? You will after reading this post on benefits of meditation backed by science!

Here are some great facts about meditation and how it benefits your body, sharpens your mind and improves life. The biggest plus is that these facts are backed by science.

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1) Good for dealing with depression and anxiety

It is well known that meditation is good for the mind but science has shown that meditation can help deal with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Researchers have urged doctors to talk to their patients about the intensive role meditation can play in alleviating psychological stress.

2) Tackles inflammation by calming the mind

According to research, mindfulness based stress reduction or MSBR can lead to a reduction in levels of inflammation. Scientists suggest that MSBR can be used as a therapy for people having chronic inflammatory conditions like asthma, arthritis, IBS and several others.

3) Increases the grey matter in the brain

That is a very good thing indeed! Studies reveal that increase in the grey matter of the brain explains the singular abilities and habits of meditators to bring out positive emotions, maintain emotional stability and be mindful. So, more the grey matter the better!

4) Eases physical pain

Though researchers are quite unable to understand the working, mindfulness meditation can help in easing chronic pain and improve life quality. This seems relevant to people who are suffering from a chronic pain condition and are spending so much on medicines and surgeries.

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5) Helps fight addiction and substance abuse

In meditation the primary focus is on cultivation of thoughts and emotions and is a major theme in meditation. According to one study, participants who were on the a mindfulness-based relapse prevention programme showed a reduction in substance use and heavy drinking much better than those who were on a traditional 12 step programme.

6) Keeps you young

Research reveals that yoga-based meditation can help improve cognitive functioning and protect us from stress-induced aging of cells. Need I say anything more?

7) Boosts your immunity

You can observe significant improvements in immune function even after a short-term meditation programme. This means that cold and flu season is a great time to start meditating! Hence, it has been proved that meditation is an inexpensive, simple, non-time consuming and an amazing tool.

8) Increases your concentration

Adults and children with attention problems can benefit a lot by mindfulness and meditation. A study says that practicing meditation and mindfulness can help in regulating impaired brain function and reducing ADHD.

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9) Makes you a more compassionate person

Area in the brain that are responsible for empathy and the ability to understand the emotions of others can be increased with meditation. This can work wonders for building healthier and deeper relationships.

10) Helps lower blood pressure

According to a study, meditation can be seen as a promising alternative to lowering high blood pressure. As you all must be aware, high blood pressure is a major risk factor in heart disease.

11) Improves digestion by reducing stress

Inflammatory bowel diseases have psychological elements to them. With meditation, there is a reduction in stress-related flare-ups for those who suffer from digestive issues.

12) Helps improve sleep quality

A study found that the mindfulness group reported less of fatigue, depression and insomnia at the end of 6 weeks. So, start meditating to sleep soundly!

I hope I have provided you with valid benefits of meditation!

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