Benefits Of Smiling- Why You Should Smile More Often?


Benefits Of Smiling- Why You Should Smile More Often?

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Let us be honest. Has your life been full of smiles since you entered adulthood? No, right? As an infant and toddler you used to smile a lot during the day and maybe even while asleep in your dreams! As you grew up, those smiles started fading away. And when you stepped into adulthood the pressures, commitments and responsibilities wiped out your smile. We adults rarely smile and that is bad news! Do you know how powerful a smile is? It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to boost your mood and improve overall health.

Benefits of smiling-Why you should smile more often

Let me tell you why you should smile more often!

It lowers heart rate

Smiling helps the body to relax and lowers the heart rate. It is capable of temporarily lowering the blood pressure.

It reduces stress and anxiety

When you are stressed out and anxious, don’t you feel like watching your favourite TV show? It helps your mind get cleared, doesn’t it? Why? Because you smile while watching it and your stress gets reduced. When you smile, it triggers the release of hormones called endorphins that fight stress. Research too says that people who face stressful situations with a smile experience less stress than those who do not smile.

It improves mood

Sometimes your mood is down in the dumps and you don’t know what to do about it! Try smiling, as even a fake smile will make the body release endorphins that will make you happy and soon that smile of yours will not be fake but a real one! So, whenever your mood if off just smile and watch the magic.

It makes you look attractive

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Women out there, smile because it makes you look attractive! A study was conducted and it was found that men liked women who were happy and had a smile on their face. You will make more friends as well because people like to be amongst happy people. See, it costs you nothing and you’ll have a better lifestyle.

It boosts productivity

Smiling can help boost your productivity too. Studies suggest that happy people are more productive in life than those who are constantly unhappy. You see, talking about your work life, if you are a happy person, people will enjoy your company and like working with or for you. This will increase your productivity at your workplace.

It reduces pain

When you smile or laugh aloud, your pain will reduce if you have any. This is because endorphins get released and they are able to dull the pain receptors present in the brain.

It spreads happiness

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Smiling indeed is contagious as when you smile at someone, he or she smile back. This way you are doing a great job of spreading happiness around. You would have heard the usual compliment – ‘her smile is infectious’! So, smile at people around you and help in improving their health.

It makes you look younger

Now, who doesn’t want to look young! No, you don’t need expensive creams for that. All you need is a smile. According to a study, smiling can make you look 3 years younger than what you are whereas a neutral expression makes you look older.

It helps improve perception

When you are under stress, the body’s flight or fight response gets activated that blocks out other perceptions and narrows down your thinking. When you smile, the opposite happens as you open up your focus field and allow your brain to consider other possibilities.

It boosts longevity

People who smile a lot boost their heart health and reduce stress. This helps them live longer by up to 7 years! The body’s immunity also increases when you smile and this prevents you from falling ill often.

Were your aware of these benefits of smiling?

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