8 Benefits Of Sunlight You Did Not Know About!


Benefits Of Sunlight You Did Not Know About!

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The sun is blamed whenever people suffer from skin pigmentation and dark spots. Though it is true that the sun causes many skin problems like dermatitis, melasma and even cancer, what you need to know is that all this happens when there is an unprotected and excessive exposure to the sun. The real fact is that a lot of people are not aware of the wonders sunlight can do for your skin when the exposure is moderate. We humans absorb sunlight and metabolize it to get a plethora of health benefits. Keep reading to know about all the benefits of sunlight.

1) Improves bone health

Ever wondered why newborns are exposed to the sun rays early in the morning? Well, it is to help them develop strong bones. Even for adults, the sun is essential for good bone health. This is due to the presence of the sunshine vitamin – vitamin D in the rays of the sun.

2) The happiness factor

Have you ever heard of serotonin? Well, it is a hormone that makes you feel happy. The best part is that it is released when you are exposed to sunlight. That is probably why the early morning sun brings a broad smile on the face! Don’t you feel so? Head outdoors and get some sunshine. It will help improve emotional well-being and also control depression. Do you know that in the parts of the world where people don’t get sunlight for a long period of time, suffer from something called SAD or seasonal affective disorder.

3) Helps deal with psychological disorders

Controlled sun exposure helps in reducing the symptoms in conditions such as depression, panic disorders and Alzheimer’s. So, if you are suffering from any one of these ailments, ensure that you get exposed to sunlight every single day.

4) Helps in controlling blood pressure

When you get exposed to the sun, nitric oxide gets produced in the body and that helps in bringing blood pressure levels back to normal. This way, serious health issues like stroke and heart attacks can be warded off.

5) Prevents cancer

When the levels of vitamin D get increased in the body, there is a reduced risk of breast cancer, cancer of the pancreas, cancer of the ovaries and colon. These kinds of cancers are rampant in countries that have very little sunlight all year round.

6) Lets you sleep well

Sunlight helps in controlling the circadian rhythm of the body by chemically managing it with a hormone called melatonin. This chemical gets decreased during the day and gets increased at night. So, this way it helps in keeping your sleep pattern right.

7) Immune booster

Infection fighting white blood cells in the body get produced in a huge number when you are exposed to the sun. This is extremely important as it will help in fighting infection and will help boost your immunity.

8) Treats skin ailments

The sun is known to cause skin trouble but on the other hand it also treats skin ailments like acne, psoriasis and jaundice. In these conditions, phototherapy is used that involves targeting a beam of light on the body that helps in stimulating the deeper skin layers to heal itself.

Were you already aware of these health benefits of sunlight?

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