Top 15 Benefits Of Tea You Should Not Miss!

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Benefits Of Tea You Should Not Miss!


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Are you a tea fan? Well, the brew definitely has some sort of magic in it! You will be glad to know the health benefits it has to offer! Keep reading to find out the benefits of tea!

1) Helps boost metabolism


Are you looking for ways to kickstart your metabolism? The catechins present in green and white teas can help in boosting up your metabolism. So, if you want to do your body a favour, get your hands on green tea!

2) Decreases belly fat

how to reduce belly fat

Belly fat is a huge problem for most people. However, when you drink green tea regularly, you can see a decrease in waist circumference and body weight. You will also burn more body fat! Isn’t that wonderful for the benefits of tea?

3) Reduces blood pressure

hypertension and health

Green tea is for you if you are suffering from high BP. Drinking green tea will help bring down your blood pressure.

4) Keeps stress at bay


Have you heard about red tea? It is native to South Africa and is well known to bring down stress levels. It is also said to help you live longer!

5) Helps you sleep well


Herbal teas like chamomile work well as relaxants and can help you sleep well. So, if you have trouble sleeping, just steep a bag of the herbal tea and it will help you sleep like a baby.

6) Reduces cravings

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If you drink a cup of green tea, you will tend to have lesser food cravings. The tea releases a hormone that reduces hunger and prevents overeating.

7) Improves skin health

Foods to eat every day for perfect skin

Green tea can be your saviour if you want clear and healthy skin. Polyphenols in green tea prevent skin disorders induced by UV rays.The polyphenols also help in treating eczema and acne.

8) Sharpens focus

attitude and focus on success

If you are suffering with the infamous mid-afternoon slump, you should get your hands on a cup of tea. Black tea has caffeine that helps in sharpening concentration and mental focus. It also has a soothing effect along with being anti-inflammatory in nature.

9) Keeps you young

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Yellow tea boosts collagen production, fights inflammation and gets rid of free radicals. This way it helps you stay beautiful and young. Even chamomile tea has certain compounds that help in keeping the skin moisturized and reduces signs of ageing.

10) Maintains oral health

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Oral health is important and there can be nothing better than drinking green tea for its upkeep. So, to keep that smile intact, you need to drink green tea!

11) Helps you debloat


Feeling bloated? Well, all you need is lemon tea! It is diuretic and possesses debloating properties! Just the thing you need when you feel you have a paunch!

12) Improves digestion

women-drink-herbal-tea-for weight loss

Green tea has polyphenols in it and that helps improve activity of the enzyme that breaks down proteins. As a result, you have better digestion and less of gas pains.

13) It fights cancer

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Studies reveal that those who drink one cup of green tea everyday have less chances of suffering from cancer. It is also said to prevent tumour cells from becoming cancerous.

14) Reduces bad cholesterol

The Impact of Excess Weight On Vital Body Organs heart

Green tea is heart healthy. It helps lower bad cholesterol levels and thereby keeps heart disease and stroke at bay.

15) Helps balance blood sugar

ways to drink green tea

Green tea improves glucose and lipid metabolism and prevents blood sugar spikes. Isn’t it an easy way to keep sugar levels in check?

So, do drink tea and enjoy its health benefits! Hope you liked reading the benefits of tea!

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