8 Benefits Of Valerian Essential Oil


8 Benefits Of Valerian Essential Oil

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Valerian essential oil has a lot of benefits to offer. Valerian is a flower that is native to Asia and Europe. The plant has been in use for 500 years as a fragrance but its medicinal benefits have been known for centuries! Valerian is called a ‘heal all’ by some as it has dozens of various applications.

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Top Benefits Of Valerian Essential Oil

Beneficial in treating sleep disorders

Valerian essential oil is capable of curing insomnia and it helps in improving the quality of sleep. It has many components in it that help in releasing hormones and balancing the body cycle to bring restful, undisturbed and thorough sleep. This use of valerian root has been known since ages!

Helpful in treating anxiety and depression

Valerian essential oil is used widely in reducing anxiety and improving mood. The mechanism of the essential oil that works for sleep also helps in reducing negative energy and chemicals in the body that result in stress and anxiety. Stress hormones can be quite dangerous when present in the body for a long time. It is here where valerian essential oil can help you by rebalancing your body and restoring peace and calm.

Treats stomach issues

Valerian essential oil is easy way of treating an upset stomach and to induce healthy excretion. This helps in detoxifying the body and improving the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. This leads in improving health in several ways.

Reduces heart palpitations

Valerian essential oil has shown a reduction in the occurrence of heart palpitations in the participants of the study. The essential oil has volatile compounds that interact with acids and oils present in the heart to stimulate a much more normal metabolic rate and it calms down the irregular behaviour of the cardiovascular system.

Helps protect the skin

Valerian essential oil when applied topically can protect the skin against the development of wrinkles and it also functions as a barrier for virus. This way it keeps you healthy.

Regulates blood pressure

The active ingredients of this essential oil that work wonders on stress and anxiety also help in regulating the body’s blood pressure. Having a high blood pressure is not okay as it can cause an unnecessary strain on the cardiovascular system and can increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks. On consuming internally, you can minimize these risks.

Has a positive impact on cognitive ability

Valerian root has been known as a brain booster for more than hundreds of years. It stimulates different parts if the brain and increases circulation. The valerian root also stimulates the pathways of the brain that keep it fresh and active. The elderly as well as students consume valerian root all over the world, students do so to improve their academic performance and the elderly do so to protect their memory and delay dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Eases menstrual cramps

Valerian oil has become a part of pregnancy and menstrual therapy. It helps in reducing the discomfort and severity of menstrual cramps and this has been looked upon by women as a welcome relief from the pain they need to undergo during periods. It is helpful for pregnant women too.


A few words of caution:

Please consult a doctor or professional aromatherapist before using valerian essential oil or valerian root. It would better to take precautions than repent later. When taken under medical supervision this valerian essential oil is bound to give you a lot of health benefits.

Hope you found this post on benefits of valerian essential oil useful!

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