Benefits Of Walking To Work


Benefits of walking to work

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How do you reach your workplace? Two-wheeler, car or public transport? Alright, if your workplace is quite near say about 2 to 3 kms, have you ever thought about walking to it? Pat comes the question “What if it is far?” No worries, you can simply park your vehicle a considerable distance away from your work destination and walk your way!

Benefits of walking to office

Here is why it is good to walk to your workplace:

  • It is an excellent way of getting some good exercise each morning and each evening. You need not make a special schedule for your workout if you do so!
  • Your strain will get reduced. A study has found that people who walked or cycled their way to work experienced better health. They were able to concentrate better at work and felt less amount of strain.
  • If the way to your office is scenic, it will give you a great feeling to walk by it. Nature’s beauty can alter anyone’s mood. The chirping birds and the clear sky can lift your spirits up. On the other hand, if your route is not very beautiful, just feel happy by thinking that your workout for the day is done!
  • You may actually be able to solve a problem while you walk. A study has been done in this regard and it has been found that creative thinking improves when a person walks.
  • You may actually influence others and pretty soon find your colleague walking with you. You can set an example and those who are concerned about their fitness will follow you.
  • The distance may not seem long if you listen to your favourite music while walking. Make a play list of songs that pep you up. Choice of songs varies from person to person :P.
  • If obesity is there in your genes, you can cut the risk by half if you choose to walk briskly each day. This has been found by researchers. Isn’t it an easy way to reduce the risk of getting obese and inviting trouble?
  • It has been found that walking more than ten thousand steps each day can be linked to lower body fat percentage and lower weight among women in the 50 to 70 age group. The best way to walk 10,000 steps each day is to walk to your workplace.
  • Walking outdoors puts the mind in a state of meditation. It is also known to reduce stress. It will help you handle the busy work schedule ahead or help you unwind if you are walking your way back home.

How To Choose Right Shoe For Walking

Make sure that your footwear is comfortable. Choose walking shoes so that you don’t end up getting hurt. Now the matter of concern is that if you are supposed to wear formals at your office, what to do? Simple carry your formal footwear along with you and change them as soon as you reach office. Wearing formal clothes and walking shoes may seem like a fashion faux pas on the road but what is your priority? Fashion or fitness?

If you happen to travel by bus, you can get down a few stops before your office bus stop and walk. It may seem tough initially but you will get the hang of it. One very important thing; have a hearty breakfast before you choose to walk your way to office. It would not be good if you start feeling dizzy on the way 🙁

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