What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Bindi?


Benefits Of Wearing A Bindi

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Do you wear a bindi regularly? What makes you wear it? Fashion, tradition or religion? Wearing a bindi has a lot of health benefits to offer as it is worn at a point between the eyebrows. This point is said to have tremendous significance in ancient healing practices.

Benefits Of Wearing A Bindi

Importance in Yoga

In Yoga this point is called the ‘agya chakra’ and it is the 6th most powerful chakra of the human body. It encompasses the eyes, brain, head as well as the pineal and pituitary gland.

The chakra has a major role in yogic meditation as many meditation techniques require you to focus on that point. In pranayama, one technique called ‘Brahmari’ focuses upon opening this chakra. Yoga poses like child’s pose and Dolphin stimulate this chakra by making the touch the forehead to the ground. Also, the third eye of Lord Shiva is located at this point and this point is said to be the the centre of knowledge, intuition, awareness and awakening.

Importance in acupressure

Apart from Yoga, this point is of significance in acupressure. In acupressure, this point is called the third eye and when it pressed for few seconds each day it will give a number of benefits.

Wearing a bindi

Benefits Of Wearing A Bindi 2

You would have made note of the fact that you do take a few seconds to place your bindi. You place it at the point, adjust a little and press it down firmly to ensure that it stays in place. If not exactly between your eyebrows, you can also place it a little higher to get the health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Wearing A Bindi

1) Helps relieve headaches

Acupressure says that pressing the point for a few seconds can help in getting rid of a headache instantly. This is because a several key nerves and blood vessels meet at this point.

2) Helps clear sinuses

A nerve called trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for sensation in the entire face passes through this area. The nerve has 3 branches and is the largest cranial nerve. When this nerve is stimulated there is a reduction in the swelling and congestion of sinuses.

3) Improves eye health and vision

The supratrochlear nerve too passes through this area and is connected to all the muscles around your eyes. Stimulating this nerve is said to improve eye health as well as vision.

4) Helps you stay young

The branches of the trigeminal nerve cover the entire face. When this nerve is stimulated it helps in keeping the skin young and facial muscles strong.

5) Helps prevent depression

Pressing the trigeminal nerve for a few seconds each day can help prevent depression and other disorders of the mind.

6) Improves hearing

One of the nerves passing through this place is said to stimulate the inner part of the ear which is key to hearing.

7) Relieves stress, fatigue, eye strain and insomnia

When you are stressed out, your eyebrows and forehead bunch up and become very tense. This region has to bear all the stress. So, when you relax it, you can relieve stress. Balasana or child’s pose is one of the most relaxing yoga pose as it stimulates the point.

Stimulating the point relieves stress, eye strain and fatigue. It is also known to prevent insomnia and promote sound sleep.

8) Helps boost memory and concentration

According to yoga and acupressure, stimulation of this point boosts memory as well as concentration. Also this point is linked to creativity, spiritual awareness, intuition, visualization, intellect, wisdom and understanding.

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