Besan Or Chickpea Flour – How Healthy Is It?


How Healthy Is Besan Or Chickpea Flour?

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Good old besan! Also called garbanzo bean flour and gram flour, besan is no alien to Indian cuisine. Our moms and grandmoms have been using it to whip up delicacies in the kitchen! From curries to sweets, you can find besan in many dishes. However, I don’t recommend that you gorge on sugar loaded besan ke ladoo! Use it in a healthy way and it will give you good results!

The west has realized the potential of chickpea flour off late and that is a good thing!

Besan (chickpea flour) has more fibre and protein in it apart from being gluten free! If you are on a gluten free diet, then besan is a great option for you.

besan or chickpea flour

Check out the health benefits it has to offer:

1) Great fibre source

Cooked chickpeas have 12.5 g of of fibre in a cup. Thus, chickpea flour is an equally good source especially when used in place of refined flour or maida.

A high-fibre diet has its own list of health benefits to offer. Studies reveal that those consuming more amount of fibre have a lower risk of developing obesity, diabetes and colon cancer.

Chickpea flour has a low glycemic index too. The fibre present in besan helps with digestion, prevents constipation and helps weight loss.

2) Good for heart health

heart health

With nutrient-dense and high-fibre food, your cholesterol levels will stay healthy, hypertension will be reduced and heart disease will be at bay. Chickpeas have lots of polyphenols that are potent antioxidants. Studies say that a diet that includes beans naturally lowers cholesterol. A 3/4 cup of cooked beans reduces the chances of a heart attack and helps in balancing cholesterol levels.

3) Prevents diabetes and stabilizes blood sugar

Soluble fibre also helps in slowing down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. This is essential for those who suffer from diabetes. Chickpea flour or besan is a complex carb that body slowly digests and uses for energy later. It is much better than refined carbs. While maida can raise blood sugar rapidly and cause spikes and dips in energy, besan is a carb that burns slowly and does not affect glucose levels hugely. It has a lower glycemic index. Diabetics should stick to foods that have a low GI.

4) Helps in weight loss

weight loss rules

High fibre foods like chickpeas have a high volume and nutrient density but are low in calories. Besan or chickpea flour is a high-protein and high-fibre food that helps in keeping you full and curbs cravings. Thus, you can lose weight faster. Usually, foods that have a lot of fibre needs more of chewing and that gives the body more time to register the fact that you are full. This will prevent overeating.

5) Reduces inflammation

Do you know that chickpea flour is a great anti-inflammatory food? It protects you from cancers related to the digestive tract. This benefit is due to the high fibre content.

6) Gluten free and good for digestion

Gluten free

Chickpea flour is completely free of gluten. People with gluten intolerance can use this flour without any fear.

I guess, now you know why besan or chickpea flour has such an important place in our Indian cuisine. Use more of it in your cooking now! Besan chilla anyone 😛

Hope you liked this post on the benefits of besan or chickpea flour!

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