What Is the Best Age To Lose Weight?


What Is the Best Age To Lose Weight?

In my last post, I shared with you email of an 11 year old who wants to lose weight on IWB Weight Loss Program.

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After this email, I received similar emails from kids/teens ranging from 11-15 years old. I discussed these emails with Kanan and she asked me to write a post discussing What Is the Best Age To Lose Weight? I researched a lot and reached a conclusion that there is no best age to lose weight. Its like a hindi saying – “Jab Jaago tab savera” .

What Is the Best Age To Lose Weight

Let me elucidate the reasons why kids should lose weight –

  • Overweight kids suffer from low confidence and various physiological issues.
  • Overweight kids are physically less active, which affects their overall growth.
  • Overweight kids are prone to cholesterol , diabetes, high BP and cardiac issues.
  • Most of the overweight kids suffer from Asthma.
  • Most of the overweight kids have trouble sleeping.


weighing scale makes you cry.

There are numerous other problems that overweight/obese kids face. So there is no point why overweight kids should wait to lose weight. With age, the ability of body to lose weight decreases.

The white fat which is the bad fat is only due to overeating, and eating junk to be precise. The white fat sits under arms, stomach, thighs and forms those awful layers that we want to hide. Aging also results in malfunction of brown fat.

This simply means whenever you realize you are gaining weight or you have exceeded your ideal weight, take charge of your life.You can lose weight when you are 11 and also when you are 61 or 71 years of age. With age, you will need more efforts and determination to lose weight but nevertheless you will lose for sure !

Now a bit of advice for Parents – please keep your kids away from coke, maggi, pasta, burgers, chocolates ! Keep junk as a treat, a rare affair in your household. Inculcate healthy eating in your life to keep yourself and your family healthy. Your kids might curse you for not buying them junk but when they grow up, they will thank you for it.

So people, take decision to lose weight not because you are fed up what other’s think about you, lose weight not becuase your marriage is due in a few months, lose weight not because you yearn your spouse’s attention, lose weight not because you wish to wear skimpy clothes – but lose weight for yourself, for your own health, for your own happiness !

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