Best And Worst Exercises For Aching Knees


Best And Worst Exercises For Aching Knees

Hello people! How have you guys been doing? I hope you are having a great time, with the end of 2014 approaching let’s make this last month count and go heads strong into 2015!
With that said today, my mom started complaining of how bad her knees had got over the past couple of years and how it has affected her exercise. So while giving her an advice or two, I thought why not share a few workout tips with you guys.


Many of us and our moms face a problem of pain in the knees, blame it on the calcium or just lifestyle changes or standing in the kitchen for long hours, it does affect us in the long run! Since this post is dedicated to those of you having knee pain and would like to see some relief via exercise here is a list of things you should do and not do for the love of our knees!

Knee Exercises


Here are a few exercises to relieve the knee pain. Let’s start with some stretching, always remember any exercise must start with stretching, as it supplies blood to your muscles and avoids discomfort of joints. Here we go-

 Leg extension:

Sitting on a chair, rest your legs on another chair, stretch your toes towards the opposite direction, ie away from your body, hold this position for 10 seconds, repeat 2 times.

Knee flex:

Sitting in a chair, loop a long towel under your foot (resting on the floor). Gently pull on the towel with both hands to bend the knee, raising your foot 4 – 5 inches off the floor. Hold for 5 – 10 seconds, then release. Repeat 5 times on each leg.

Now let’s start with a few simple exercises:

Stepping march:


Start with standing straight in a place, then lift one leg bent at the knee 90 degree parallel to the floor, then place it down, repeat with the other leg, just like marching in place… it’s that easy. Count 200 steps in the beginning and increase 50 steps after every 1 week, now this exercise may seem easy but is very effective for knee problems.

Stationary cycle:


This one is available in our gyms as well as a few homes, do not pull the leverage to hard, just let it be free with no gear and pedal without wiehgts. A good 10-15 mins should prove beneficial.

Leg Raise:


Lie down on your back and lift right leg to 90 degree and hold for 5 seconds, bring down the right leg, repeat with left leg. This makes one set. Continue doing this for 15 sets both legs.

Knee extension:

Sitting in a chair, straighten one leg in the air (without locking the knee). Hold for about one minute. Bend your knee to lower the leg about halfway to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to starting position. Work up to 4 reps on each leg.

Side rise:

Lie on your side, propped on one elbow. The leg on the floor bent, the other straight. Slowly lift the top leg, hold for 5 -10 seconds, then lower. (Ankle weights will increase the intensity). Do 1-3 sets with 12-15 repetitions each. Remember to rest in between sets.

These are the five exercises you should be doing every alternate day to keep your knees supple and working.

Things to avoid

With the “ To-Do” list given, here are a few things you must avoid:


Squats are a big no for anyone with the knee problem! No matter what, do not attempt these exercises without supervision of a trained instructor. When performing squats direct pressure is applied on the knees and this will not do you any good.


Don’t attempt lunges when you have knee problems. I know we all crave for toned thighs but, would you rather have toned thighs or good pain free knees? Lunges put pressure on knee when you perform it, the weight on the knees is four times your body weight!! Imagine That!

Hurdles Stretches:

You remember a yoga pose where you need sit on the floor and then hold your feet and bend down till your head touches the knee? Yea, don’t do that one either. The bending on the knee and holding that pose for some time would leave you with a sore knee as the muscles over there get tensed.

Exercises under guidance

Now for a few exercises you can do with a fitness expert or your trainer are-


Swimming is a low impact activity where there is no pressure on the knee, but this may vary from person to person. So, advice on this one is a must as problems could be different for different knee pain.

Partial Squats:

partial squatStand with your feet about hip width apart and your toes forward. Bending at the hips, slowly lower yourself halfway.Keep your abs tight, and check that your knees stay behind your toes. The trick here is to not let your knees go beyond your toes. A trainer may help you with this one by keeping a watchful eye.

The medicine ball exercises:

medicine-ball for knee

The medicine ball is considered as the safest means to exercise and easy, well I never achieved a balance on it so have never tried it, but many aunties in my gym adore it. Give it a try with the help of fitness instructor.

TIP:- Try to use the knee belts you get when you exercise, the belts generally absorb the impact on the knees!

Hope this provides a relief for your paining knees, my mom sure was happy trying out these exercises and seems to have found some relief.
This is Pooja signing off… Bye!

Hope these best and worst exercises for knee will be helpful to you and your family members.

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