Best Bollywood Playlist For Brisk Walk Workout


Best Bollywood Playlist For Brisk Walk Workout

health benefits of music 7I had long been writing a lot about benefits of walking for weight loss. There are many of our blog readers and IWB Weight Loss Blog page followers on Facebook who keep asking about the ways to increase walking speed. I remember once a follower asked that what actually was brisk walking, well, actually if I say that brisk walk means walking at the speed of 4-5 miles per hour, people don’t understand that, so I always say that walking on the beat of Bollywood songs especially the fast ones is brisk walk. To make my point clear, I decided to present a playlist of my favourite walk songs which I listen to while walking. But please don’t judge me for the choice of some of the dumbest lyrics of the songs… as my criteria for walk songs is fast beat.

As we all know that the best workout has three parts-

This is the beginning of walk, which gets you into the perfect mode of walking. It is always good to loosen up your body to warm it up so that you do not hurt yourself while doing that brisk walk. This walk should be long enough to make your muscles warm enough to move to the next level of brisk walking.

  • Brisk Walk

health benefits of music.4

The second part of your walk should be brisk enough to make your heart beat faster. It should not make you tired enough to fall or faint but fast enough to make your heart pump harder. Remember you should be able to talk normally while on this part of your walk.

  • Cool Down Walk

This is the final part of your walk when you bring your heart rate down. It should be a relaxing walk and you should enjoy the music in this part of your walk.

Here I present to you, my favourite playlist which is the perfect blend of all three parts of a good brisk walk for weight loss.

Warm up songs

        Song                             Singer                     Movie                Duration

1.   Namoh-Namoh                  Daler Mehandi                 Private Album             5.28 mnts

2.   Right now now                Wajid, Sunidhi Chauhan   HouseFull 2                 4.06 mnts

  Walk Songs

3.  Pe pe pepein                      Neeraj Shridhar             Chance pe Dance            4.22 mnts

4. Kajrare Kajrare                  Alisha Chenoy                 Bunty Aur Babli             8 mnts

5. Jalwa                                    Wajid Khan                         Wanted                        4.25 mnts

6. Theme Music                         Music Only                   Agent Vinod                   4.35 mnts

7. Anarkali Disco Chali          Mamta Sharma              Housefull 2                     4.02 mnts

8. Baawre                                 Shankar Mahadevan   Luck By Chance               5.11 mnts

9. Balam Pichkari                   Vishal Shalmali       Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani      2.45 mnts

10. Bol Bachchan                     Remix                        Bol Bachchan                       4.51 mnts

11. Criminal                               Remix                           RaOne                                5.34 mnts

12. Gangnam Style                  Psy                               Private Album                     3.39 mnts

  Cool down Songs

13. Bhare Naina                        Nandini                      RaOne                                  5.55 mnts

14. Jaane Do Na                      Shreya Ghoshal        Cheeni Kum                         5.13 mnts

15. Mora Piya                           Aadesh Srivastav        Raajneeti                            5.40 mnts

So that is my playlist of most effective walk workout songs. These 15 songs are almost 72 minutes workout from initial warm up to final cool down walk.

health benefits of music 1

When are you going to start walking on these 15 songs playlist?

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