Best Cardio At Home

best cardio exercises at home

Best Cardio At Home

Being Fit and Healthy without going to gym is the new emerging trend in India. Maintaining an Ideal weight is the need of the hour not only to look good but also to feel good. Being overweight is considered the reason of most of the diseases these days. We are all well aware of BMI. BMI is Body Mass Index which helps us to conclude about levels of fitness and health of people. BMI is used to categorize people into underweight, normal weight and over weight. It is a universal fitness measure. Diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Back pain all are result of excess weight.
Personally speaking I think we must worship our body as temple and for that spending on fresh healthy food is much better option than consuming expensive medicines to cure diseases which are result of being overweight.

Cardio at home, the best way to lose weight

We can sweat in gym or at home or at any place we are comfortable. Exercise not only keeps us fit but also has a positive impact on our mind, energy level, and attitude. Cardio exercise is the best to lose weight fast. A daily 20 mins cardio is
enough to get good results. Cardio activates our metabolism also strengthens our heart and lungs. Best examples of cardio are Biking, Jogging, Running and Swimming.
Benefits of cardio at home are countless all you need to do is make up your mind and be consistent. Just spare a few minutes from daily routine to do the under mentioned best cardio exercises at home.

Best cardio exercises at home

#1. Skipping

best vardio exercise at homeSkipping works on muscles of shoulders, calves, glutes and quads. It helps you in many ways like it helps to build up leg strength, balance and increase stamina.

Best cardio exercises at home

#2. Jumping Jacks

best cardio at home

It is also known as side straddle hop in US military. It is a physical jumping exercise performed by jumping to a position with legs spread wide and hands touching overhead, clap, and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides. It helps to improve flexibility, body balance, aid in reducing weight, and relieve stress. 30 minutes of
jumping will help you burn 200 calories.

Best cardio exercises at home

#3. Stair Training

best cardio at home
Women running on stairs

It helps to tone lower body. Apart from toning lower body, it also helps to improve cardiovascular fitness. Walk up the stairs for 15-20 minutes at a steady pace then gradually increase the time to 30 minutes and your speed to a faster rate. Easy isn’t it?

Best cardio exercises at home

#4. Crab Walk

best cardio at home

Workout is never complete without perfoming crab walk. It helps to lose lot of weight and strengthen the core.
1. Begin by sitting on floor with your feet hip distance apart in front of you and your arms behind your back with fingers facing hip.
2. Slowly raise your hips off the ground, tightening your glute muscles as you do so.
3. Start “walking” forward by moving your left hand followed by your right foot; and then your right hand followed by your left foot. Walk four or more space as space allows, then walk back. Continue back and forth for desired amount of time.

Best cardio exercises at home

#5. Bicycle Crunch.

Best cardio at home

Crunches are a vital part of muscle building. Bicycle crunch will help you work on lower,middle and upper abs while strengthing your quads and hamstrings. You can perform it by following the under explained steps:-
1. Lie straight on the floor. Try to relax as you look straight up at the ceiling so you are not holding tension in your shoulders.
2. Place your hand behind your head. Lightly touch your the back of your head with your fingers and palm.
3. Bend your knees up at 90 degree angle. Your feet should be flat and about
shoulder-width apart on the floor.
So, do you agree with me that there is no need to step out of the home and hit the gym when you can maintain a good weight at home on your own.

Wish you all the luck for your exercise journey with best cardio at home.

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