Best Diet Tips Ever For Weight Loss


Best diet tips ever for weight loss

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I had written a post about the best weight loss secrets ever. Here I am with the best diet tips ever for weight loss!

Best Diet Tips Ever For Weight Loss

Best diet tips ever for weight loss

Don’t stay hungry

Plan your meals ahead so that you don’t reach the level of starvation. Carry healthy snacks in your bag. They can be pistachios, almonds, raisins, fresh fruits and any healthy portable snack.

Maintain your daily calorie allowance

If you know your calorie budget, you can plan on how you would include the servings of fruits, veggies, whole grains and proteins in your diet for the day.

Eat right post-workout

Make use of fitness apps to know how much you have burned during your workout and how much you can reasonably eat post-workout.

Use the red, orange and green rule

Include at least one food from the reds, greens and oranges in your plate so that you won’t take extra servings of high calorie food. Reds can be tomatoes, greens can be spinach and orange can be the fruit orange.

Drink lots of water

Keep your water bottle with you when outdoors. At your workplace too keep in the vicinity so that you remember to drink water. It would fill your stomach a bit and you will consume lesser calories.

Reduce salt intake

Salt in excess puts on kilos that become difficult to shed. It is better to check the nutrition information for the sodium content behind every pack of processed stuff. Choose wisely.

woman-chilli-healthy or harmful

Spice up your food

Capsaicin found in chillies can reduce your hunger and perk up your mood. If you can’t eat too much of spices try removing the seeds of the green chilli and then use it for cooking. It reduces the spiciness.

Diet soda will not help you lose weight

Skip the diet soda. It will land you up in more trouble. It is associated with increasing waistlines and piling up of kilos. Include fresh lemon juice in your diet instead.

Focus on nutrition instead of calorie counting

Don’t blindly count the calories. Consuming balanced nutrients and longer-digesting nutrients that will help you stay full longer.

Keep food away from the table

Keep the food on the kitchen counter and sit down at the table with your plate. If you want second helpings you will have to get up. This will make you more mindful and you will know where to draw the line.

Maintain a food record

Use a fitness app to keep track of what you eat and drink. There are a lot of fitness apps to choose from.

Start with soup

Start you meal with a low-calorie clear veggie soup. It would help reduce calorie intake.

Take your time to eat

Don’t eat rapidly. Try eating mindfully by chewing slowly. This way you will know when you are really full and won’t consume unwanted calories.

Control your hunger hormone

The hunger hormone ghrelin can be controlled by eating small and balanced meals after every three hours. If you avoid carbs or skip meals, your ghrelin levels will increase making you emotionally hungry.

Dine anytime

You are free to dine at a time suitable to you. Just make sure there is a gap of ninety minutes between your dinner and sleep. By that time your food gets digested and you can sleep with ease.

Build a relation with your kitchen

To monitor your calorie intake, start cooking at home. Plan a day, like Sunday and prepare for the upcoming week by pre-cooking things.



Deep breathing can do wonders to your health. Take breaks to practice deep breathing and go for short walks to relieve stress.

Eat before a party or event

Partially fill your belly before going to a party. Having fresh fruits and a glass of water are a good idea.

Develop healthy talk

Change your vocabulary from negative to positive and your weight loss goals can be attained.

Eat breakfast without fail

Your breakfast should include carbs and protein in a well balanced amount. Make sure your breakfast is around 250 calories so that you are full till noon.

Enjoy your treat for 10 minutes

Got a cupcake? Eat it mindfully and in portions. Have each portion for 10 minutes. Your craving for it will reduce. Chew more, feel the texture. You will content after a few bites.

importance of sleep for health

Sleep away weight gain

To become slim you need to sleep soundly. Make the room darker and quieter with light coloured bed-sheets and curtains. Sleep tight!

Hope you liked the best diet tips ever for weight loss !

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