Best Exercises To Improve Men’s Sexual Prowess


Best Exercises To Improve Men’s Sexual Prowess

Exercises For The Corporate Male Sexual Prowess Issues

Exercises for the corporate male for better sexual prowess

Shamim Ahmed from Bangalore, 29 and one year into his marriage was not a happy man. The tag ‘happily married’ didn’t suit his status-quo, but why? Shamim married his childhood sweetheart – Noor Jahan, 28. The two of them courted each other since college days, joined a well-known I.T company three years as back-office staff, earned well- have a sprawling apartment on M.G Road, but there was still something amiss.

The bedroom story

It used to be a chore for Shamim when the sexual intimacy came into the picture. Let’s talk sex, we are all adults and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Noor, his wife, understood her husband’s dilemma. And, it was because of their hectic schedules and lifestyle; the two couldn’t find intimacy as they once shared. The prowess Shamim once had was no more; that’s when he spoke to his doctor.

Exercises For The Corporate Male Sexual Prowess Issues 1

Exercising was an answer

Of all the lotions and potions, tips and tricks in the book that were tried by Shamim; none worked the magic he expected. With the help of a friend, Shamim mustered the confidence to bare it all with his certified instructor, and help was found at last.

I do understand that ‘sex talk’ is such a hush-hush thing, and one wouldn’t want to speak about it on the first day at the gym, but ‘sexual athleticism’ can be worked upon – think about it. There are moves that would help;

  • With flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Flexion and extension of the hips and the spine
  • Enhance the powers of the ‘erector muscles’
  • Works on the hip flexors
  • The glutes, and the
  • Abdominals too

If you do not wish to join a gym, here is what you can do at home alone!


Exercises For The Corporate Male Sexual Prowess Issues yogaYou can now shake and rake the sex life – new positions are for real! Yoga helps with better sex lives; join or train under a certified practitioner only. There are creative positions which help with better sex and intercourse, flexibility increases and better sexual satisfaction is assured too. Yoga for centuries has been known to help stamina improvements, and in bringing more energy to the body. Even the pelvic muscles have a lot of improvement to boast of.


morning walk

Believe it or not, walking and aerobics can help your sex lives – you would roar as a lion and have earth shaking orgasms and ejaculation too. 200 calories per day helps improve ED and blood flow in the body. The cardiovascular system is kept safe from diseases too, and the blood vessels are kept free from fats and clutter. When you walk vigorously, endorphins are released – helping the body to relax. Sex is best enjoyed when the body and the mind are at ease!


Exercises For The Corporate Male Sexual Prowess Issues swimmingNeed more prowess and stamina, endurance and help being long and strong down there – swimming can help. 30 minutes everyday will help boost the sexual prowess within. It also helps manage weight and weight loss, and hence, you get better sex too.

Disclaimer: The article has been penned down through personal experiences and shouldn’t be taken as the FINAL word. We would ask you to check with your GP before trying any of the exercises or advice mentioned. The GPs word would take precedence over what is written here; since they would know your medical history better than anyone else.

Do you think that exercises can be helpful for the corporate male for better sexual prowess?

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