Best Fitness And Exercise Gifts For Women


Best Fitness And Exercise Gifts For Women

I have talked about what the best fitness gifts for men are, but why should women be behind? Here are the most popular fitness and exercise gifts for women which any fitness loving woman will love to have this season.

1. Yoga mats and mat slings

yoga mat

If your fitness  fan friend likes to start her day with yoga, you should be gifting her colorful yoga mats. She will have variety, and will be thanking you every morning.  You could also add  a mat sling to your gift  so that it’s easy for her to carry her mat if she is traveling. So simple and yet so useful.

2. Fitness tracker

fitness tracker women

These are easy to wear and will help keep track of calories burnt, her heart rate and all her sporting activities. And she can wear it as a watch or bracelet. A fitness tracker is a great gift for women who spend most of their time outdoors.

3. Sportswear

how to choose gym clothes

If your friend spends every day at the gym, or trains for a sport she will welcome any new sportswear you gift her. You could buy her a tank top, a sports bra, yoga leggings, track pants or anything else she can wear when she is w9rking out.

4. Running socks

Nike makes some very cool running socks that give the wearer the right amount of cushioning. And if socks can help in keeping fit, they become perfect gifts for athletes you can’t catch up with.

5. Jump ropes

Jump Rope workoutWho said skipping was confined to school playgrounds? Jump rope workouts are very popular, especially with woman who frequent gyms. And if your friend is trying to tone up her hand and leg muscles or cross training, a pair of jump ropes gifted by you will add a little fun to her workout routine.

 6. Zumba classes

Zumba- a dance workout ad its benefits 1Zumba is another popular way woman choose to keep fit. If you know anyone who loves workouts but is bored of gyms, you should gift her a Zumba Class session, and wait for the thank you! Quite a few fitness studios organise zumba classes and you can sign her up pretty easily. You could also check out other fun high energy alternatives to gyming  like Belly dance classes, kick-boxing class or power yoga.

7. Workout DVD

diwali gift dvdYour busy friend may not have time to go out for gym sessions but may want to still keep fit. You can solve the problem by gifting her a Workout DVD she can watch and exercise to at home! There will be no time-constraints and she can workout whenever she wants to.

8. Exercise balls

exercise ball absSince exercise balls can be used anywhere, they make a great fitness gift! Exercise balls are one of the most popular exercise props because it can be used to tone up almost all parts of the body. And its fun to exercise with something that reminds you of your childhood toys.

9. Bike saddle

Woman who love cycling will appreciate a comfy bike saddle that will protect her butt even after hours of long-distance biking. A good bike saddle will provide support and customised one will accommodate her riding style, her height, and her body structure.

10. Kettlebells

Kettle bells benefits

These exercise props are great for weight training and muscle building. They are much more convenient than dumbells and work well as fitness gifts.

Which best fitness and exercise gifts for women are you going to choose?

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