Best Fitness And Exercise Gifts For Men


Best Fitness And Exercise Gifts For Men

Christmas and New year coming up so it is time to think of gifts. Here is a list of gifts you can buy for men, especially for those who are into fitness.

1. Pedometer


Pedometers are one of the most popular fitness gifts and perhaps one of the oldest, for men who like to spend their mornings walking, running, or jogging. It’s great for athletes because it can record the number of steps taken and can be worn all day or carried around. Any athlete would love to receive this gift.

2. Fitness tracker

fitness trackerIf you want to go one step ahead, why not gift your fitness enthusiast friend a fitness tracker? It will allow him to track and record all his stats which is definitely a motivation for those who are really into fitness. You could buy a bracelet, a watch, or even a clip-on device! Look out for sports trackers that let the users record various sports activities like cycling, swimming and running. Other variations are heart rate trackers, calorie trackers, treadmill trackers, and so on. The list is long, but the uses are many, and that’s why they are fabulous gifts for the fitness friendly.

3.  Adidas Adipure

adidas adipure iwbMany athletes  are increasingly becoming fans of training barefoot; while keeping the support of shoes intact. Adidas has the answer to this. They have a collection called adipure which are sock look shoes that take the shape of the wearers feet. These are much more light weight compared to other sports shoes and gives feet as much flexiblity as going barefoot does, and as much support as training shoes does. Reason enough to be a great training gift

4.  Gym shorts

gym shorts 1An extra pair of gym shorts works as an awesome gift for men. For guys who never miss their gym sessions, new gym shorts means they don’t have to keep rotating the smelly ones they wear every day.

5.  Resistance bands

toning tube

Any strength trainer will tell you how important resistance bands are for training sessions. And that’s why resistance bands make great fitness gifts for men.

6.  Exercise balls

exercise ball

Also know as Swiss balls ( and by many other names) One of the best things about these balls, apart from the fact that they are so versatile, is that they can be used both at home and in the gym.  you can literally exercise your whole body just using one ball. Of course, you will need a trainer to tell you how, but the very fact that you can actually do so much with this simple air filled device is exciting enough to be one of the best fitness gifts men can receive.

7.  Sand bags

sand bag exercise

This one is another fitness prop that can be used in many different ways and should be on any list of fitness and exercise gifts. Sand bags are substitute for dumbbells which make them great for weight training. They can also be thrown around, and are ideal for those who want to build some muscle.

Which gift will you choose from these best fitness and exercise gifts for men?

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