Best Foods for Flat Belly – Part 1


Best Foods for Flat Belly


I am back with another list of foods :). Presenting to you the list of Best Foods for Flat Belly ! Since the list is long, I will break it into parts.

Women have a tendency to put on weight around belly. However, water retention and bloating are other devils which cause tummy to swell and look bigger. These foods help to shrink belly :). Without any delay , here it goes –


Papaya is known to help digestion. It helps the break down of food faster and relieving bloating. I generally have papaya in the evening, it fills the stomach , so my night meal can be light.


papaya for flat tummy



Pineapple is rich in fructose , hence helpful for moments when you crave for sweet. It also helps in settling stomach.


pineapple_tummy flattening foods




Black Pepper

I always add black pepper to curd , salad because it’s  a fantastic way to keep away bloating. It helps in digestion too.

black pepper_tummy flattening foods




Known as ajwaaain in Hindi. It helps to flush toxins from the body.

celery_tummy flattening foods


Red peppers boost metabolism. They are rich in Vitamin C and help to fight sweet cravings.

peppers_tummy flattening foods

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its anti-oxidants. It can be safely taken 3-4 times a day. It flushes excess fluids and reduces bloating and water retention. It increases metabolism and helps fat burning. Highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists!

green tea_tummy flattening foods


Did you know that Tomato is a fruit and we use it in our tadka’s for all veggies 😀 ? Tomatoes are full of antioxidants and reduce water retention in body.

tomatoes_tummy flattening foods


Many of us hate Garlic’s smell 😛 . Garlic is rich in anti-oxidants and allicin. Allicin helps to kill many harmful bacteria and viruses in our body. This is one reason why Indian curries do contain garlic.

garlic_tummy flattening fods


Cucumber has similar slimming properties. It eases water retention and bloating in the body.

cucumber_tummy flattening foods


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And it goes on …………….

By the way, which out of these foods i.e papaya , pineapple, black pepper, celery, pepper , green tea, tomato, garlic and cucumber – Do you eat the most ?


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