Best Foods for Flat Belly – Part 4


Best Foods for Flat Belly – Part 4

This post brings us to the last part of the series – Best Foods for Flat Belly. If we get to know some more foods which can help you achieve a flat and toned tummy, we will scream and let all of you know 🙂

Let’s get set and go


Melons have twice the potassium found in bananas. Melons have antioxidants and Vitamin C to boost your immune system. I love juicy melons and can have it anytime with chaat masala 🙂    Best Foods for Flat Belly – Part 4Berries

Berries are delicious and extremely useful in weight loss. They are full of fibre and antioxidants. Raspberries have been making news for their weight  loss effects , they have 6 g of protein per cup.

berries_tummy flattening foodsCinnamon

We know it better as Daalchini. Just a sprinkle of helps you regulate blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin production.

cinnamon_tummy flattening foods


I am sure your mum would have definitely given you ginger in some form when you suffered with nausea. Ginger is a fantastic anti-oxidant and digestive aid.

ginger_tummy flattening foodsBrown rice

Brown rice is a perfect combination of complex carbohydrate, muscle-strengthening protein and vitamin.

brown rice_tummy flattening foods


Peaches have both diuretic and laxative properties. They are good for upset or bloated stomach. So once the bloat is controlled you surely can get a flat belly.

peaches_tummy flattening foods

Juniper Berries

These have detoxifying effects. Gin is made up of Juniper berries, that doesn’t mean you should drink more than often 😛

Best Foods for Flat Belly – Part 4


These contain cynarin which helps the body’s natural detoxification process through regeneration and stimulation of bile in the liver. If you can easily get your hands on them, go on and enjoy a flat belly.

artichokes_tummy flattening foods

Coconut Water 

It is rich in potassium and helps in achieving a flat belly faster. There are many dietitians who recommend one glass of coconut water for its weight loss properties.

coconut water_tummy flattening foods

Do share with us if you know of any other belly blasting foods.

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