Best Fruits You Must Eat To Lose Weight


Best Fruits You Must Eat To Lose Weight

Am going Bananas!! No I literally mean it.

Now you would wonder why am I saying so as going bananas in literal terms would mean am going Nuts 😉 well I don’t really mean it as there is no scope further 😀 . Just down the memory lanes I still remember those days when I was pursuing my higher studies and had rarely some time to eat in the morning, my mom without fail used to keep some fruit in my bag and remind me before leaving “do eat it”. I used to say her bye making fussy face that why fruit but that fruit used to ideally serve as a biggest savior 🙂 Well, coming back to what I began with here. Am not trying to speak here about my love for Bananas but in general about all fruits including Banana and sharing my views on how can a diet rich in fruits not only help us lose weight but rather stay healthy.

fruits for detoxification

Am sure all have heard many myths and ambiguity with regards to various fruits. Many people believe fruits which are rich in carbs will make you put on, low in carbs will not give enough energy and so on, but then what happens to other fruits which neither aid any of the two i.e. they are not source of carbohydrates at all should we not eat them at all? Really!!!

Well, I just believe fruits are essential and form very important part of our diet and if they are consumed in a right way they help us go far in the run of weight loss. Okay, I am talking so technical ain’t I? So let’s simplify all this further by segregating these fruits and energy they give:

  • Rich in Carbohydrates

Banana, mango, grapes, plums.

  • Low in Carbohydrates

Apple, papaya, peaches

Oranges, lime, and all the beautiful berries

  • Fruits full of water

Watermelon, musk melon, honey melon

  • Dry fruits

Almonds, raisins, walnuts

How do fruits help lose weight?

Well, above list is just for your reference but not an exhaustive one. There are many more you can simply google search and get to fit to these categories and eat all fruits you craved for, but the question still remains how do they help lose weight?

To answer these remember the saying “Breakfast like King, Lunch like Prince and Dinner like a Pauper” and that’s how even fruits need to be consumed.

Fruits are the best source of energy as they boost your metabolism especially a fruit on an empty stomach makes you feel more energetic, vibrant and aids digestion. Fruits are the biggest source of antioxidants giving one not only beautiful body but a supple, healthy and glowing skin. Fruits help losing weight in a natural way and saying so below are few tips on the right way to consume them.


Important Tips

  •  Fruits which are high in carbs should be consumed as part of your breakfast  as it will kick your metabolism aiding digestion and balancing sugar levels which is essential early in the morning.
  • Low Carbs are safe fruits as they are highly nutritious and have balanced sugar while at the same time helps cut those extra fats. Hence this should be included as part of your daily diet.
  • Citrus and water fruits are the best for digestion as well as cleansing your system internally, which means minimizing the bad cholesterol and aid good cholesterol.
  • Dry fruits are the richest source of minerals and rare vitamins as well as Omega 3 fatty acids hence should be used as part and parcel of your fruit diet and should not be consumed in isolation

 The ultimate Mantra

Above tips are just a guideline as I am neither a dietician nor a health expert but still from all my research and experience will say that everyone should and must take a vow today to add fruits to their daily Diet or rather do a Fruit diet once a week at least and live naturally. It surely will go a long way.

Will you try these fruits to lose weight?

P.S – If you are low carbing, stay away from fruits except berries in moderation

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