Best Gizmos To Keep You Fit and Healthy


Best Gizmos To Keep You Fit and Healthy

Hi Bonitas,

So we all want to use our hi–tech gadgets, for reading, chatting, checking menus, browsing et all. Do you know, now you can get fit by using your tablets and phones? Yes that’s true, not only that there are few other gadgets which record our walks, skips, etc. there is a list of Best Gizmos To Keep You Fit and Healthy. I have recently become addictive to some of the technology for keeping me fit. Whether they are workouts at home, reading books on the tablets or simply following our blog. Let me share with you some of gizmo stuff which you may like to know more about. Let us see which are the Best Gizmos To Keep You Fit and Healthy

Stay fit with the fitness app on your androids/iPhone

Fitness AppsI regularly surf the play store to check whether there are any new fitness apps, the best part it some of them are timed, have nice music playing, it helps you focus on specific body parts. There are also work outs to do at your home, just grab your mat, free weights, exercise gear and click.

Few Apps to name are:

  1. Ladies home workout,
  2. Dance workout,
  3. Gym training,
  4. Muscle workout.

The list of endless, you can chose as per your liking, and a good thing is, mostly all of them are free 🙂 , even if you purchase, they are not very expensive.

Digital skipping ropes

Best Gizmos To Keep You Fit and Healthy

This one is on my list, for the days I skip going to the gym or it is shut say on a public holiday, I usually do some exercises at home, it is getting hot here in Pune, so indoor exercises are better suited. Skipping used to be one of my favourite activities, but lately I have not been doing it. So I plan to buy a digital skipping rope from a sports shop soon. These ropes count the number of skips you do, so you can target and accordingly jump. Some of the ropes even have calorie counter. Now that’s what I call cherry on the cake 😉



If you are not in to reading books and are hooked on to the internet, there is more in the form of e-books; there are so many health related books available as applications. Of course to download the whole book, you need to pay charges. It’s like purchasing books in the soft form. Luckily for me, I like reading, so I order books (mostly health related) through our office affiliated library.

So much so, people in my office come and ask me about reviews of the book, this has also led me to contributing for our office magazine which has a health column. I say blogging does help J


A pedometer senses your body motion and counts your footsteps. This count is converted into distance by knowing the length of your usual stride. Wearing a pedometer and recording your daily steps and distance is a great motivating tool. You can wear a pedometer all day, every day and record total steps. Or you can wear it just when you go out for a walking workout.

Pedometers are also present as apps on your phone, I have a pedometer watch, and I would like to make good use of it in the future.


Following erstwhile

I can brag about our blog to one and all, I feel proud that we have a good fleet of writers and that we can debate about health issues, if you ever read an article and have questions /doubts/contrary views in mind, please feel free to share. In fact, our blog keeps everyone motivated, the mind says I am down and I just browse through, read articles, health recipes and I feel great 🙂

I have myself tried many recipes shared at the blog, I love doing easy, healthy & nutritious cooking, it keeps me fit and active.

Till then try fitness gizmos and share about your favorite gadgets too 😀

Which do you think is the best gizmo to keep you fit and healthy?