Best Guilt Free Snacks Below 100 Calories


Best Guilt Free Snacks Below 100 Calories

I have seen many a times that as and when I think I will start following a proper diet, I tend to fall for things which are not that healthy. CRAVINGS!!!! I hate them at times. I still remember, once during Diwali I hogged on so much that later to free myself from that guilt of extra calories. (which I had added on savoring ladoos, chaklis yum!!!)

I just decided to go on a two day detox diet. The decision was still running in my mind on my way back home, when I reached home I saw that some old friend was kind enough to send a box of dark chocolates. SO here went my thoughts in air and I binged over them without reconsidering the cons. Well, Are there any!! 😀

Best Guilt Free Snacks Below 100 Calories

dark chocolate

Watch Your Calories

Many a times when we are on a diet we feel that we can’t eat anything; no fried food, no sugar, less salt so on and so forth, to keep the calorie levels intact. To be honest when I am following some diet, I don’t bother myself by thinking about what I am eating but I definitely keep a tab on how much I am eating. Calories do count! Well, how do I go about it? Here are a few thumb rules which help me:

  • Note down your weight.
  • Calculate your BMI (body Mass index) to understand how many calories you need per day.
  • Make a list of food which you cannot let go off i.e. you crave for the most (In my case ice creams :P)
  • Eat 5-6 small meals per day out of which two are full meals, while the rest act as fillers.
  • Now prepare a diet plan and give yourself freedom to eat this favorite thing once a week but again cutting down on other things that day to keep the calorie count intact as I always say WATCH YOUR CALORIES.

In addition to this, I make sure that when I have lunch or dinner (which are the main meals) I cut down little on everything I have i.e. 1 Bowl of daal but only quarter plate rice, 1 bowl sabji with multigrain roti and lots of salad. Filling right!

My breakfast is standard I don’t like to treat myself much there. A bowl of oats makes me happy and only on rare occasions (when I feel like staying in kitchen over and above 10 minutes) I treat myself with scrambled egg whites with brown bread and cup of Tea.

Sometimes it so happens that at a particular point of time our bodies lack energy, it’s then when we crave for food and this is where few handy nutritious snacks can  fulfil the demand of our body. These snacks not only fill our stomach and boost our metabolism but are a good control over calories. So next time if you crave for that incy wincy hunger, go for few of these snacks which are below 100 calories


  • Banana:

I Know I Know!!! if you have read my earlier post about fruits you can make out that this girl can never get over Bananas, but I can’t help it as it’s such a nutritious fruit that it has to rank my list. A small size banana has only 85 calories and fills you up and doesn’t make you fat as banana is rich in Potassium and Calcium while has “ZERO” cholesterol and negligible levels of sodium. Amazing right?

  •  Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie:

Another favorite of mine which you easily find in many bakeries and not only Subway which is generally found around the corner in every city. A 25gm cookie is just a 100cal and simply sumptuous in taste.


  • Granola Bar:

Nutritious as its made from oats, nuts and honey but again are highly nutritious. 

  • Fruits and Dry Fruits

1 medium Apple or 2 medium kiwis ~70-80 calories

Handful of almonds or cashews, 2 figs, 25 roasted pistachios – 90 calories

  • Yogurt and Soups

low carb high fiber strawberry yogurt

100 gm of fat free yogurt –  85-90 calories

1 cup low fat, low-sodium veg soup – 95 calories

1 calorie (don’t get addicted though)

The list can go and on. If not a drastic loss you can expect it to be an eventual loss. Most importantly it will not only bring changes to your body, but also to your lifestyle which you will cherish life long.

Do try these simple tricks of eating guilt free snacks below 100 calories.

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