Best Indian Foods For Weight Loss Diet

low carb high protein recipe

Best Indian Foods For Weight Loss Diet

I received an interesting insight from one of my colleague that dieting is utterly boring 😛 . He went ahead to express that dieting means eating grass . The word he used was ghaas phoos.

Least did he know that for me, dieting means eating cheese, eggs, paneer … yumm 🙂 . I made him drool with things that I eat. Let me not name ingredients but dishes that you can relish and lose weight.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken Recipe Low Carb India

Butter Chicken is a staple chicken dish in North India. Its usually sold by all restaurants and also cooked at homes. Its easy to make and is filling too. Butter or cream in the gravy makes it delicious and dook worthy too 😉 . yes , you can lose weight eating butter chicken 😀

Baked Chicken


Paleo or low carb lifestyle endorses baked chicken big time. Its a complete meal on its own. Its healthy , low in carbs and fantastic for weight loss. Baked chicken with green salad, your dinner is served!

Fish Tikka

fish tikkas with mint chutney

Fish is amazing for weight loss. Its low or almost nil in carbs and has omega 3 fatty acids. Basa is said to have zero carbs. While eating fish, you can ditch portion control and enjoy as much as you want. Fish tikka is a very popular snack which takes few minutes to make and is great for weight loss. Needless to say, the pic is so yummy, I once thought to leave my veg lifestyle and for once, relish this tikka 😛

Egg and Cabbage

cabbage and egg paleo diet

Ooh yeah, let’s talk about eggie and veggie options now 🙂 . Egg and cabbage is my favorite. If you don’t believe, you can check my lunch box I brought to office today 😀 . It doesnt need any special cooking skills and is totally error free. I dont feel the need of any bread with this dish.

Paneer Butter Masala

Masala paneer low carb recipe

Paneer butter masala is exactly a vegetarian alternative for butter chicken. My mom sometimes makes the masala and leaves a little so that I can add paneer and butter in it for paneer butter masala. My family goes ahad and enjoys their favorite butter chicken.

Creamy Cottage Cheese

Low Carb Creamy Cottage Cheese Recipe

Creamy cottage cheese or paneer malai is my go to paneer dish. I hardly take 15 minutes to prepare it right from chopping veggies to serving the dish on my plate.

Instant Cake

instant cake

Yummy Salads

Quick Low Carb Vegetable Salad Recipe (3)

As much as I enjoy eating cooked veggies, I enjoy yummy veg and paneer salads to the core. I steam all the veggies and add all my favorite sauces which makes the salad oooh so good!

Cauli and Cheese Bites

Absolute love ! Period.

cauliflower recipe high protein low carbs

Do you seriously think dieting means oooh so boring food ? Oooh common, don’t lie 😛 .

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P.S – I am going to make my friend jealous, you guys enjoy Friday 🙂 . Happy weekend ahead !

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