Best Kept Secrets On How To Get Skinny


Best kept secrets on how to get skinny


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For years you have lusted after super tight jeans, little black dresses and teeny weenie shorts only to woefully discover they don’t look good on you because you are not skinny. The fact is that skinny people look good in almost everything and especially the more fashionable kinds of clothes. The good news is that you probably can get skinny if you eat right, exercise and follow these tips. The bad news is that you cannot change your body type so you have to learn to work with it.

Ectomorph vs. Endomorph


They are those naturally skinny people who refuse to gain weight no matter how much they eat. They are naturally skinny and they are probably not reading this article right now.


These are people who gain muscle fast and also gain weight but it’s equally easy for them to lose that weight.


These people are naturally cursed to gain fat fast and lose it really slowly.

Now please don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that mesomorphs and endomorphs cannot look toned, skinny and gorgeous. Anna Kournikova and Jessica Beil are Mesomorphs

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while Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson are endomorphs and they are some of the most beautiful people in the world. Now that you have determined your body type it will be easier for you to get skinny.


Create a calorie deficit

Sit down and make a detailed list of all that you eat normally on a daily basis. Measure out how much rice or how much bread you consume per day. Now start reducing your calorie intake by 5% every day and continue till you have reduced up to 20% of your daily food intake. Compensate by drinking lots of water/unsweetened lime juice or vegetable juice to fill you up. Remember that your stomach has an elastic capacity, the less you eat the more used to it gets. Download the calorie calculator from the Internet and install it on your Smartphone. This will help you keep count of your calories.

Increase the frequency of meals

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work meal planning

Most of us tend to have 3 heavy meals per day. This way the body is starved at meal times and quickly stores all the carbohydrates it gets into fat deposits instead of utilizing them for energy. It’s difficult to resume vigorous activity after heavy meals so you also laze around urging your body to store fat. The answer is to have 5-6 light meals every day so that you are never hungry and never stuffed either. This way your body will keep on utilizing energy it gets for working.

Exercise in a smart way

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Metabolism boost is a must if you want to drop your excess baggage. While diet makes you lose your bulges its only exercise that will make you toned. Cardiovascular exercises are recommended if you want to get skinny fast. Interval training where you quickly switch from one exercise form to the other at high intensity interspersed by small gaps is also good for getting skinny fast.

Did you know about these best kept secrets on how to get skinny?

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