Best Mantra For Weight Loss


Best Mantra For Weight Loss

Hi everybody,

Being a health blogger, I am examining lifestyles of all the different people in my vicinity. Some do not really give a thought to what they eat and what is their productivity in a given day. As long as they are able to find something to stuff their stomach with; they are good to go. There is another lot who eat the cleanest possible and most nutritious food but no jiggling the bum. Third category comprises of people who eat clean, pay visits to the gym and are flaunting the best figure out there. And then there is another set of people who eat clean but 3 days a week; go to the gym but 2-3 days a week and do not actually have a goal. The last category, according to me is the most dangerous one 😛

With all due respect, where are you heading guys?

Practically nowhere ! So let us talk about best mantra for weight loss

What is actually happening with you?

I know you are intelligent enough to weigh the pros and cons of your diet; you know what kind of exercising will bring what changes to your body which is immensely good. I mean 70% of the Janta is unaware of that. But dude, you got to have an aim. Will power– the big word comes into play here. You have the will to loose- I agree; your brain knows that- I agree, but the brain does not apply that when your eyes see luring food or when your legs do not want to walk towards the gym. Consistency is the ONLY thing that will bring you closer to your dream body.

cheat day

You resisted a cake piece, bravo… You said no to the fried chips, kudos.. And then.. “Phew.. I made so many sacrifices for weight loss, now is the time to treat myself with a pizza party” There you go girl- to the deep valley of never ending weight gain. Same is the case with gym/exercise sessions; you got to love your gym unconditionally each day of your life. Well no, not each day but yaa you got my point right?

What do we actually mean by setting a goal?

When we make an aim, say 2-3 kgs in a month- by a month we not only mean that we are going to check the fall in scale after one month but we also mean that we are committed to a healthy lifestyle(clean eating and exercising) for that complete one month. If you want great changes to happen to you each month, you got to stick to those diet and workout change each month. You got to live with them, make them a part of your being.

consistency weight loss mantra

What your thinking should be like?

consistency fitness

Fitting into smaller sizes is the biggest happiness for a weight watcher girl. So that is what you should be thinking of while mulling over any high calorie food. Those enticing curves of white cream over the black forest pastry will never let you form the ones you need on your waist. Rest has never awarded anything to you, workout will. So train your brain accordingly and get going; not just today but every day.

Here you go with an example:

consistency weight loss

You know there is a friend of mine who has a salary around 1lac per month. Huge amount that is, isn’t it? You know what she does? She goes to work on Monday and Tuesday and takes an off on Wednesday; goes for Thursday takes an off on Friday and goes on Saturday again. The next two weeks, she goes for 4 and 2 days respectively and that is how the pattern goes. At the start of the new month, how much do you think she gets in hand? Approximately 50-60k. So you know, she had the opportunity of earning wholesome 1lac rupees but what she reaps out of the job is 50k only. The example is self explanatory or do I need to mention my motive again? I assume I have put across my point. We are all worthy of that 1lac rupee body, what we actually reap out of the opportunity is up to us.

So people, Consistency is the Best Mantra for Weight Loss. Agree?