Best Pedometer Apps For Android Phones in 2015


Best Pedometer Apps For Android Phones in 2015

In my last post on pedometer Apps for iPhones (Read Here) I had mentioned that we will be discovering Pedometer Apps for different Mobile OS. Keeping my promise, here I am with top 5 pedometer Apps for Android phones.

Map My Walk

map my walkMap My Walk is real-time fitness tracking easily done, on your Android phone. There is no need of any extra device just installing the app will do the trick for you. This app uses GPS to record every detail of the workout done. Then you have your walk route on an interactive map along with time, distance, speed, pace, elevation and calories burned.

The interactive GPS tracking tells you where you’re going and keeps a note of your walk buddy. You can share details of your walks on social network or with your family, friends and fitness buddies via email, Facebook and Twitter. Not only this you can sync, store and review your mobile data on the MapMyWalk site.

This app can help you track almost any physical activity like running, cycling, aerobics, rock climbing, hiking, spinning, roller skating and many more. The app also boasts of features like calculating pace, GPS tracking, calorie counting, real time stats and many more.

This App has been developed by MapMyFitness, Inc. and is available at Google Play Store.

Runtastic Pedometer

runtasticRuntastic Pedometer is an excellent pedometer app for Android phones. It provides all the basic features of any pedometer app along with the calculation of speed and integrating it with all popular social media websites. You can share your daily walking regime with friends for motivation and a comparative analysis.

Runtastic Pedometer App throws a challenge to you to walk 10,000 steps every day and to complete minimum those number of steps you tend to increase the intensity level of your workouts.

It has been developed by Runtastic and is available in trial as well as pro versions on Google Play store.


accupedoIf you are looking for the most accurate pedometer app then you must try Accupedo. It is a pedometer app that monitors your daily walking on the home screen of your phone. Its intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithms are embedded to track only the walking patterns and filter out non-walking activities. This app maintains daily charts and logs so as to help you review your walking history.

The best part of this Accupedo pedometer is that it starts counting steps only after 10 consecutive steps have been detected. There is no need of GPS all the time to calculate steps.

This app has been developed by Corrusen LLC and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Endomodo Sports Tracker PRO

endomondoThis one is to track your steps, your heart beat along with your workout duration as it is an all-in-one fitness app. The app is interesting as it provides audio feedback and motivation from friends in real time. You can share your training details, motivate people and get challenged too. It has a very clear and intuitive display for your workout stats and keeps updating display of other users on the move at that particular time. Most of the users call it Twitter for fitness freaks.

There are various options of sporting activities to choose from in this app ranging from Walking, Running and Cycling to Pilates and Stair Climbing and from Yoga to various Martial Arts. Just log in the time you spent on a particular activity and it will give you an estimated number of calories burnt.

It has been developed by and available in pro version on Google Play Store.

Nike+ Running

nike running

Nike is the synonym for fitness and sports. The Nike+ Running app lets you check a detailed breakdown of each of your runs in the app as well as on You can enable live audio cheers when you announce on social media about your run and show off your route with their new map sharing experience. Undoubtedly this app is meant for serious runners with some real serious fitness goals.

This app has been developed by Nike Inc. and is available from Google Play Store.

Zombies, Run!

zombies runNow this app is really fun. Who doesn’t like The walking dead? Just imagine yourself running ahead of those zombies to save yourself. Imagine running away from a zombie apocalypse to safety while you keep mapping your route. This app is an audio-visual thriller and forces you to run with adrenaline pumping throughout your body. The most interesting part is that the monstrous sounds of the zombie appear closer when you slow down your speed. It is an extremely fun way to ensure you run and run real fast as if to save your life.

It is available in Pro version and can be bought from Google Play Store.

 So, these are the most sought after pedometer apps for 2015 and surely are among the best ones on the Play Store. Whether you want to walk for fitness or weight loss in each situation these apps will make your target goals easy. Stay healthy and stay motivated with these apps.

Walk away your grumpiness with these Pedometer Apps in 2015.

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