Best Self-Defence Tools In India


Best Self-Defence Tools In India

self defence toolsWhen I talk about self-defence I always remember that as a young girl when I used to travel by DTC buses, I always ensured to wear those pointed “Pencil Heels”(much hated by my parents :P) which are now called “stilettoes” so fondly. They came real handy to crush the feet of the male species standing behind you acting funny. Just one sharp twist used to be enough to make that animal cry in pain. That was my first successful Self-Defence tool.

Safety is learning about what handy tools can be easily converted into powerful weapons for your protection. You have to think how to stay safe while traveling in a cab, how to use your body to develop skills to fight with power, how to protect yourself from a much stronger attacker? Is it all that difficult? Well, I say no. We can learn all this in a few hours.

Some general tips

  • If someone attacks you when you are alone in your house, run to the kitchen and make use of the spices like chili powder, pepper and turmeric etc.

  • Knives and plates can be turned into weapons to fight.

  • Throw utensils to make noise and shout for help, remember that noise can scare the molester as he would never like to be caught.

  • If you feel that the driver of the cab is taking wrong turns and you feel you are getting into some kind of a trap use your dupatta or stole to wrap around his neck and choke him. You can pull him back by his collar also as the buttons of his shirt would then do the same trick. Aim is to make him helpless by catching him off guard.

  • When you feel being stalked, enter a shop or a house and ask for help. Another best way is to enter an ATM box. ATM centres always have security guards or at least monitored by CCTV. Remember no one will dare to attack you fearing identification.

  • Stay mentally alert as that is your greatest weapon and after that these are a few weapons that you can always have with you.



Any kind of knife cannot be called a safe weapon. A knife with a blade larger than 5 inch (excluding the handle) comes in the category of sword and thus illegal. Another thing to be kept in mind is that knives are of no use if you are confronting a gun-wielding assailant or multiple attackers. Of course, there won’t be any harm in keeping a paper cutter knife or a folding box cutter knife within your hand’s reach. Those who travel by Metros and go to malls can surely have security issues.

Pepper Spray

pepper spray

Pepper spray is legal and can be bought from the market or even online. But those who have them say that that pepper sprays can fail you at times.

Stun Gun or Taser

hand taserThough you will find many famous online stores selling these self-defence weapons but this weapon can only be used by law officials in India. So sadly enough despite being a potent weapon, it is illegal though there is an ongoing discussion and a very strong point is that if stun gun is used for self-defence then it is legal.

Flash Light

flash light

In fact, a simple strong flashlight in your bag within hand reach can help to zap the assailant and give to time to think and react better. Use your mobile camera flash or simple Led torch flash for that, it is up to you.

Folding stick or iron baton

folding iron batonA folding stick or iron baton can be a simple weapon for your security and yes no one can challenge it as illegal. So when in danger, go lash it hard on the offender.

Knuckles key chain and hammer


I remember once I read that when Bipasha Basu was new in Mumbai, she used to keep a big hammer in her oversized bag. So is that really a bad option? Well no, in fact, I liked the idea. There was another movie in which the girls together take on the goons and they have those metal knuckles on. You can get cute looking key chain knuckles online. Well, anything that makes you feel safe in this bad mad world is good enough.

Whether you have any weapon or not, if you ever get into a dangerous situation the only chance for survival is to fight back. Fighting back is not only important but it is all about your right to survival. If you don’t fight back for yourself, who else will?

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