Best Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Must Know


self defence moves

Best Self-Defense Moves

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Recently I bought a Stun Gun for my daughter and though it’s a good tool for self-defence, but I think the most important thing is to know a few easy moves to handle your assailant. Today in this post I am going to present a few acts and moves which can keep anyone safe in case of any emergency.

Shout out

shoutThe basic thing to keep in mind is that as soon as you find the attacker touching the first thing to do is shout as loudly as possible. Keep your wits intact and try to push your attacker back. You know what, I really liked the stun gun for the kind of sound it makes, it actually stuns and zaps the assailant. Shouting helps as it can act as an SOS signal for those who can hear you and if you are lucky someone might take an extra step to help you and other possibility is that it might make the person think twice before attacking you.

Attack vulnerable body parts

Once you have made noise and tried to dissuade the attacker, it is time to think about where to hit the hardest. We need to understand that no one is going to give you extra time to think and plan your moves so before you are controlled by the attacker you must do everything you can. Remember you have to think like an animal to handle another. Don’t be afraid and using all your power hit your hardest at the highlighted areas in the picture. Just keep in mind if you don’t hurt him the assailant is going to hurt you.

body parts to hit

  • Aim for the parts of the body where you can do the most damage easily: the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, and legs.
  • Before you attack keep in mind not to step in very close. Instead of hitting on nose it is always better to reach the knee with a kick.
  • Instead of slapping on the face use a knuckle blow or the outer edge of your hand to hit the attacker. A tight curled fist is the most effective one.

Attack eyes or nose first

eyes couging

Poking your fingers in the eyes or hitting the nose from knuckles are the moves which are generally effective. Not only these moves cause a lot of pain but also gives you some time to escape.

If the attacker is behind you then you must strike his nose with your elbow. Try to go for the nasal bones.

Neck and knee

neck side hit

Stun your attacker with a stiff straight hand hit sideways directly on the side of the neck.

The best point to hit is the knee as it is difficult to grab your foot. Kick the side and front of the knee to cause injury. Hitting from the back will result in imbalance and you gaining some moments to run away.

Be smart

best self defence moves

  • If outdoors, you can throw dirt or sand into your attacker’s eyes.
  • Spray your perfume or throw your water bottle into assailant’s eyes.
  • Slap on the ears or even bite anywhere on the body hard.

Are you ready to fight back with these self-defence moves?


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