Best Sugar Substitutes | Stevia Sweetener Review


Best Sugar Substitutes 

Stevia Sweetener Review

Hello People,

I am receiving queries on what should be an ideal substitute for Sugar. Sugar, as explained in the previous post is not good for us. If you have missed the post, read here.

Best Sugar Substitutes

Some of the best sugar substitutes can be

  • Stevia
  • Organic Jaggery
  • Raw Honey (unsweetened)

Using Organic jaggery ensures that the jaggery is not inducted with sugar. Raw honey is preferable for the same reason.

What is Stevia ?

 Stevia also known as Sweet Leaf or Sugar Leaf , belongs to family of herbs and is found in tropical regions of America. Stevia is said to be 300 times sweeter than Sugar.

Stevia Sweetener Review lose weightStevia Sweetener Review

I came to know about Stevia few years back in Dubai where Stevia Sweeteners are easily available in supermarkets.  In India, I searched many chemist shops but could only find artificial sweeteners like Sugar Free Natura, Sugar Free Gold and Equal .

Then, I found only 1 Stevia product online – Stevias available in India at Though nowadays there are many brands offering deals on Stevia natural sweetener under different tag names.

Price : starting from Rs 66 online.

Later, Sugar Free launched a stevia sweetener called Sugar Free Herbivia. It was not available at most of the chemist shops.

I have consumed at least 3 packets of Stevias pellets. This product is available in 3 forms – pellets, sachets and powder. This time I have ordered powder too since I felt it dissolves easily.

Stevia Sweetener Review

Stevias Sweetener Ingredients


Stevia Sweetener Review lose weight

Stevia Sweetener Pros

  • Stevias does not contain aspartame and saccharin which are artificial sweeteners
  • Stevias contains 97% stevia , which means it is 97% natural
  • Zero calorie
  • Zero side effects( I have not noticed any headache or nausea)
  • Better than other sweeteners
  • Safe to use
  • Easily available
  • Economical

Stevia Sweetener Cons

  • Stevia tastes a little bitter sometimes. If you add directly to prepared tea or coffee, it tastes better. It might taste bitter if you add while cooking.
  • Our bodies are not designed for Zero calorie foods, whether artificial or natural.
  • Sweets made in stevia taste bad 😛

If you can have your Tea or Coffee without sweetening it, that is the best choice. Otherwise, Stevia is better than other sweeteners available in the market.

What do you use in your Tea/Coffee? Do let us know!

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  1. I have my tea and coffee without sugar but sometimes when i get the urge to have sweet tea i will use this….you are fab Tarun.

  2. Good life has many other fab products..may be u can do one post on what health product we can buy from the site 🙂 what say?

  3. I am housewife with 5 year n 7 months old kids so don’t have time to go out for exercise ,can u suggest some workouts and wt.loss diet which i easily follow…..

  4. Sweets are my favorite so I always search for something sweet and healthy. All these sweeteners are easy to use at a reasonable price. I am definitely going to order them.


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