Best Tummy Toning Exercises


Best Tummy Toning Exercises

I know many of you crave for a flat belly. Even I had such a desire once, but today because of the below best Tummy Toning Exercises, I have fulfilled this dream of mine. Keeping good things to your own self is very bad, so here I am sharing with you few tummy-toning strength moves :).

With regular workouts, you can easily get that beautiful flat tummy and that too in a healthy way. Let’s begin –

Tilted Frog

        Best Tummy Toning Exercises Tilted frog

Step 1: Lie faceup on the mat, hands behind the head, elbows bent out to sides. Bend knees, crossing feet at ankles, and lift legs over hips. Tilt pelvis up and lift head and shoulders off the mat.

Step 2: Lower head and hips while extending legs. Repeat raising the head and lifting hips. Do 10 reps with right leg on the top, then re-cross and do 10 reps with left leg on top.

Double Leg Stretch

 Best Tummy Toning Exercises Double leg stretch

Step 1: Lie face up on the mat, bringing knees towards chest. Drawing abs in tight, lift head and shoulders off mat, resting hands by knees.

Step 2: Inhale, extending arms, biceps by ears, while extending legs 45 degrees from mat. Exhaling, sweep arms around sides and forward while drawing knees back towards chest, ending with hands by knees. Repeat. Do 10- 15 reps

Side Line Hip Lift


Best Tummy Toning Exercises Side line hip lift

Step 1: Lie on right side, knees bent, right elbow under shoulder with forearm forward, forming straight line from shoulders to hips.

Step 2: Lift hips, bringing left leg to hip height. Lower and repeat. Do 10 reps; on final rep, hold and do 20 small pulses. Switch sides; repeat.

Clam Shell


Best Tummy Toning Exercises Clam Shell

Step 1: Lie on the right side, head resting on right upper arm. Bend knees in front of hips, legs stacked and place left hand on left hip.

Step 2: Keeping right leg on mat, lift knee, keeping feet together and hips square. Lower and repeat; do 10- 15 reps. Switch sides and repeat.

Side Plank

Best Tummy Toning Exercises Side Plank

Kneel with right hand on the mat, aligned under right shoulder, with fingers pointing right. Straighten left leg, placing toes on mat. Extend left arm directly above shoulder, keeping hips lifted and head in line with spine. Hold here for 30 – 60 seconds. Switch sides n repeat.

Roll Up


Best Tummy Toning Exercises Roll up

Step 1: Lie face up on the mat, legs straight and arms extended above head, next to ears.

Step 2: Bring arms forward, point chin down, and slowly curl upper body up, reaching hands to toes. Slowly reverse direction, bringing upper body back down to mat one vertebra at a time. Do 8- 10 reps.

Single Leg Stretch


Best Tummy Toning Exercises Single leg stretch

Step 1: Lie face up on the mat with knees over hips. Extend right leg about 45 degrees from mat. Draw in abdominals and lift head, chest and shoulders, resting left palm by left shin and right palm by left knee.

Step 2: Keeping head lifted, witch legs, bringing right leg toward chest and extending left leg; rest right palm by right shin and left palm by right knee. Continue for 10 reps per side.


 Best Tummy Toning Exercises Swimmer

Lie face down on mat, hands near sides with elbows bent and legs extended. Lift chest off mat, keeping arms bent. Lift and lower right leg, then, left, moving from hips (not knees). Continue, alternating legs, for 20 reps.

So girlies, following these exercises would benefit you a lot but keep in mind one thing, whenever you start following them, do them regularly and with full dedication.

Like Rome was not built in one day, even you won’t see the magic happening overnight. Also do not try these exercises vigorously. Start with one to two repetitions and then continue as per your comfort level 🙂 .

What is your favorite from these Best Tummy Toning Exercises ?

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  1. nice article, just most of these i wont able to do, my body isnt tht flexible, i am sticking to yoga kapalbhatti and cycling exercise , can anyone write an article regarding exercises which r bit easy for beginners ? it would be useful

  2. Taps , I am sure you can do most of these. Except Side Plank and Side line lip lift, its easy to pull of the rest. Trust me, try them. Just go to youtube and check yourself 🙂

  3. Hi Taps, I can do that because when i gave birth to my daughter my stamina was 0 and now i can run 3kms which is really an achievement for a person for whom running for 5 min was difficult..I have few posts in my mind..let me see if i can do them 🙂

  4. agree with you preet :), taps these exercises aren’t that difficult as they are seeming to be through the picture. just try them once


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