Best Waist Trimmer Exercises-Equipment free!


Best Waist Trimmer Exercises-Equipment free!

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Want to trim down your waistline? Well, you are not alone. Most women want to do the same!! In a way it is important too as the fat deep inside your belly, called visceral fat is harmful for you. To slim your waist you needn’t buy expensive gym equipment or gadgets. You can do so with the help of the right aerobic exercises.

Steady-state jogging

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Steady state exercises are a tried and tested way to burn fat but it may take longer than most of the other strategies. Moderate intensity steady-state exercise for a long duration helps in getting your body’s metabolism in the fat burning zone. This burns the highest percentage of fat for energy.

Anyone can do steady state exercises, no matter what their age or fitness level is. The con of this exercise is that each workout is quite lengthy, about sixty minutes per workout. If you can’t jog due to joints, you can do brisk walking instead, or low impact aerobics.

Sprint interval training (SIT)

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SIT takes aerobics to another level. It is all about alternating short sprints with short periods of rest. It is a short workout but is quite intense. Begin by warming up with a little walking or light jogging for 5 mins, follow this with a bit of stretching. Next, you need to sprint for 15 secs and take rest for 45 secs-just rest or walk slowly in order to recover. After the period of rest sprint again for 15 secs and take then again take rest for 45 secs. Keep repeating this pattern 10 times. Don’t forget to stretch and cool down once your done after 5 minutes. HIIT such as this will definitely help you in reducing abdominal fat. Also, by doing SIT, you will keep burning body fat even after the workout is over.

Train your abs the right way

Spot reduction is a myth and that is why doing several crunches every day will not burn belly fat. However, an abdominal workout comprising of

  • Reverse crunches
  • Vertical leg crunches
  • Bicycle maneuver

The above exercises may help in toning and strengthening the abs for a leaner look that will look more evident post fat loss. Do abdominal exercises regularly but do rest at least for one day in between your workouts in order to allow muscle recovery.

Tips for a slimmer waist

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To trim your waistline you don’t need gym equipment but there are several ways to achieve success.

Challenge yourself

Unless and until you don’t put in the effort to get into shape, you will probably never get the desired results.

Your focus should be on technique

While doing abdominal workout, your motions should be slow and controlled-feel your abs working.

Ensure you bring in a variety into your workouts

Don’t do the same workouts day after day as your body will get used to the same exercise and this can lead to fitness plateaus. Do a different workout each day to avoid this problem. For instance, do a SIT workout on Monday, an abdominal; workout on Wednesday and sixty minute jog on Friday. For the next week switch the order of exercises.

Do follow these tips and start losing fat within 3 to 6 weeks.

Will you try out these waist trimming exercises?

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