Best Way Not To Cheat At Work-Carry Bullet Proof Coffee


Best Way Not To Cheat At Work-Carry Bullet Proof Coffee

I always loved Coffee ..  although a little less than myself 😛 . I refrained from Coffee all these years because of the bad reputation Coffee. Nutrition industry is strange, all good things are termed as villains and all villains disguise as ‘diet foods’ or ‘healthy foods’ . Disgusting !

Coffee is a great fatburner and aids weight loss, more about coffee here and here.

I have started carrying my Bullet Proof Coffee, Cold Coffee, Shakes n Smoothies to work !

My coffee at home

bullet proof coffeee weight loss

 My coffee travels to work

bpc to work

I drink 2 tumblers coffee every day. I carry one cold coffee from home, chilled n yummm 🙂 . I have kept coffee at work , one black hot coffee at work keeps my hunger at bay.

In offices, most of the times you will have access to microwave and/or hot water, so its very convenient to have black coffee there.

This tumbler is from Lock and Lock.


It is is leak proof, microwave and refrigerator safe ! I have been using this for over an year and it works great. If you like frothy coffee, just shake , shake , shake… I meant shaking the tumbler only 😉

Will you carry your coffee to work ?

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