Best Ways To Exercise In the Rain


Best Ways To Exercise In the Rain

‘Sweat it out’ is something that we have always heard from all those who advise us on fitness. But, ever thought about ‘getting drenched to sweat out???? Yes….getting drenched in the rain. Studies say that workouts in the rains build more resistance and burns more fat and thus prove to be very fruitful. There is increased rate of fat burning while grappling wet conditions, though the  ‘performance’ might, to some extent be compromised due to the rain, but we also shed more weight by taking in more effort trying to workout in the rain. It was found those who worked out in the rain trained harder, used higher levels of oxygen and burnt off a little more energy.

Rain exercise

So, enjoying rains is sure to give a better pay-off when some simple workout accompanies it.

Best Ways To Exercise In the Rain

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Now, the question is how we should plan the workout session and what all things do we need to ensure a safe and proper session. Planning should be done a little in advance so that there is a provision of all the items required. If proper care is not taken then there are chances of falling ill due to the rains. Choosing a good place for workout is equally important as there are chances of accidents due to the slippery roads and invisibilities.


Items needed

  1. Water-repellent clothing
  2. Sports Lubricant
  3. Wind- and water-resistant jacket
  4. Waterproof running shoes
  5. Waterproof hat with visor
  6. Plastic bags
  7. Water

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Now, with the place and items ready, the next question is which exercises are to be done in the rain.

Because of the slippery surface and the pouring water, not all exercises are apt to be done in the rain. Workouts which require swift changes in the directions or defined footwork can be hazardous as they increase the chance of slipping or falling and are thus to be avoided. If such exercises be done then the speed should be reduced to avoid any kind of mishap.


How to go about it

The next question is what is to be done and how it is to be done. It is nothing but some simple basic precautions and preparations that will help us do a proper workout without causing any side-effects due to the weather or any kind of accident.

Let us understand the instructions to be followed:

1. Wind and water repellent attire – clothes, shoes and hat:

The foremost requirement is wearing something which is wind and water resistant which would keep the sweat and water away from the skin and reduce the chance of falling ill. Cushioned shoes that provide good traction and prevent slipping are to be used.

Waterproof hat with a visor is preferable. Hat will keep the head and hair from getting drenched.  From under-garments to the jackets to the hat, all should be wind and water resistant.

2. Skin care:

Excessive humidity and friction can cause the skin to chaff. It is advisable to apply some sports lubricant or petroleum jelly on those skin areas which are prone to chaffing like underarms, inner thighs etc. Lubricants repel water and prevent the skin from chaffing.

3. Area for the workout:

Main roads should be avoided due to the traffic and there are also chances that passing by cars splashes the dirty water on us. Choosing some wooded area is better, so that the trees will keep away a little of the pouring.

download (2)4. Stay safe:

Wearing bright clothes is very important and as well keeping away from main roads. Large puddles, rocks and muddy areas are also to be avoided. Area should be well lit as visibility is quite bad during rains. Stop the workout if there is thunder and lightning, as that is dangerous.

5. Drink plenty of water:

Working out in the rain doesn’t mean that we won’t get dehydrated. Drinking water is very important irrespective of the time and type of workout. We also tend to drink less water during the monsoons, so sufficient water consumption is a must.

6. Gadgets safety:

Avoid carrying cell-phones, mp3 players and other such gadgets. If they be carried, put them in proper waterproof covers to keep them safe from water.

7. Dry and warm yourself post workout:

Post workout it is a must to get rid of the wet clothes as immediately as possible. Getting into clean, dry and warm clothes will save us from catching a cold. 

Thats it!!! And you are ready to hit the rains. What’s better than getting drenched without worrying for that lick that we get from our moms, because we have an awesome excuse…. workouts!!! 😉

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