Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Hit Gym After Work


Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Hit Gym After Work

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We all have hectic schedules and we try our level best to cope with it. We all play different roles in our lives. After a busy day at work all that we want to do is to eat the dinner or to go to bed early-even though while leaving office we planned to go to the gym. So there are ways which can help you for getting your butt to the gym after a long hectic work day. You can now stop making excuses for not going to gym.


Turn Your Fitness Goals into Office Décor

Do you decorate your desk with positive quotes like “Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction” to get you through the workday? It might be the best idea to post some inspirational shape-up messages around your work space as well.

Consider fitness related quotes, for example “Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life”. You know how we all have that one beloved outfit that we will fit into after reaching the goal weight? Don’t just save that for the closet, but move the inspiration to your work desk as well. Have your favourite fitness quotes like “Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life” to inspire you, and perhaps even photos of somebody whose body you admire.

Rock out in the car

Play the song from your playlist that motivates you to work out and helps you to push yourself till that last mile. The music will get you into the push it hard mind frame (beast mode) and get you excited to go the gym. The song which really motivates me to workout is “Jaaniye” from” DUS KAHANIYA”

Pack a Snack, But Don’t Forget To Move

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings nuts

If making it to the gym four hours after eating lunch is tough for you, make sure you bring a pre-workout snack to eat about 45 minutes before you hit the road. After your afternoon snack, try to get up and move around a bit, Getting your heart rate up helps to get your blood flowing and keeps you away from feeling lethargic.

Walking up and down some stairs in your office building without relying on the lift can really help to bring your heart rate up.

Change into Your Exercise Gear Before You Leave the Office

This is an ancient theory that never fails and I assure you it won’t for you as well. When you switch to workout clothes before leaving workplace, you are giving yourself a visual reminder that you are seriously committed to working out. Secondly you make yourself more accountable to your own self and your colleagues by showing that you were doing what you said previously like sticking to planned workout.

Get a gym buddy


Instead of making plans to meet up with your best mate over lunch, schedule a workout session to catch up. Although you’re probably not going to be chatting it up during a tough boot camp class or treadmill interval workout, the fact that you’re meeting your buddy, will make you less likely to back out. Then you can grab lunch after the workout. But remember to have the healthy one.

Remind yourself of how great you feel afterwards

Exercise is the great stress reliever. If you are reluctant to go to the gym for one or the other reason than think how great you feel after working out.You feel utmost satisfaction and the great sense of accomplishment. Try to record your feelings on a piece of paper after working out and when you feel like skipping to go to gym just read this and it will motivate you to go to the gym.

Go by only five minute rule

If you’re really feeling bored about working up a sweat, tell yourself that you’ll workout for maximum five minutes. I assure you that those five minutes will decide whether you’re being temporarily busy or you’re really unfit for a workout. My bet – 4 times out of 5 you would want to continue after those 5 minutes and keep going until you feel good.

Exercise is an essential part of your healthy lifestyle, so understanding what motivates you to hit the gym is your key to success.

Will you try these Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Hit Gym After Work?

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