Best Ways To Prevent Vaginal Discharge


Best Ways To Prevent Vaginal Discharge

We – all women experience vaginal discharge but feel so shy talking about it. We all experience it, its absolutely normal to experience it on a daily basis after puberty ,until menopause. Yes it could be abnormal sometimes due to various reasons. But its perfectly normal on a lot of instances like before or after periods, during excitement or stress etc.

Vaginal Discharge-How To Handle It

Most of us feel messy, itchy and irritated with vaginal discharge but we forget to understand its importance. It is a natural secretion , that begins in a woman’s body when she transitions from pre-adolescence to adolescence. It is  composed of bacteria that helps keep vagina healthy.

How to find out if vaginal discharge is normal or not?

Color and smell are two ways with which you can decide if there is a need to worry or not ! Let’s see what are kinds of discharge and what do they mean –

  • Thick and White – This is most common and is perfectly normal especially before and after periods. In case you experience itching, it could be due to yeast infection.
  • Stretchy and clear – It simply means you are ovulating.
  • Watery and clear – This happens after heavy workout or physical work.
  • Yellow or green – This indicates infection. If you smell foul odor, please see a gynecologist soon.
  • Brown – This is common right after you are done with periods.

You should be aware enough to notice difference in color and also if discharge increases or decreases  greatly.

Best Ways To Prevent Vaginal Discharge

If discharge seems normal to you, then you can do your bit to prevent it or to reduce it. Below are some of the tips –

First and foremost, keep your genitals clean and dry.

Avoid fitted clothes – Women who have regular discharge, its advisable to avoid tight clothes. You could wear for a short while but wearing loose clothes more often will keep you comfortable.

Eat yoghurt. It works great on flora.

Avoid using powder or perfumed sprays on genitals. Its not safe.

Wear cotton inner wears. Silk or lacy or nylon inner wears may seem sexy but can cause irritation, avoid wearing them if you are experiencing vaginal discharge. If possible, ditch your inner wears at night, there is nothing wrong in it. Wear loose payjamas, that’s ok. Remember, we were not born with clothes and our skin needs to breathe !

vaginal discharge prevent

Protected sex is a good prevention. Unprotected sex can cause vaginal discharge which in turn can cause irritation.

Use panty liners if you’re experiencing too much discharge. They keep you dry and comfortable. Post coming on it soon !

Invest in a good intimate wash. I reviewed one on Wise She, please check out. Its must to wash your genitals at least twice a day. My gynaec told me that excess usage of chemicals also affect vaginal bacteria, hence don’t use soaps and don’t overdo intimate wash too.

Lastly, keep your emotions in control. God has given women immense power to express with voice , expressions and tears too. When women are too sad or happy, they experience vaginal discharge. If you are happy, you won’t be irritated no matter what 😛 . But if you are going through a tough phase, vaginal discharge will make you all the more irritated. Keep faith and be strong !

Hope these ways to prevent vaginal discharge will help you a bit !

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