Best Ways to Trick Yourself Out of Bed in the Morning


Best Ways to Trick Yourself Out of Bed in the Morning

importance of sleep for health

Getting up early in the morning is not as easy as keeping an alarm and waking to it. It is no good to get up early in the morning and feel tired the entire day with no energy left in you. If you really want to make your day count, you will need to keep the following points in mind to have a fresh and energetic day ahead. Here are some preparations you will want to make the previous evening so that you can make an early morning call the next day.

Stay Away from Sugar, Caffeine And Alcohol:

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol
Each of the items- caffeine, sugar and alcohol- have the potential to affect the sleep quality, making it tough for you to get up with the alarm in the morning. Sugar, for instance, can lead to sweet tooth all through the day but if you do not go avoid eating sweets at evening time that leads to restlessness at nigh time.

Adequate Sleep Is a Must:

how much sleep is enoughEach individual has his own sleep requirements. You will have go through trial and error method to find out how long you can sleep. Normally, 6-7 hours of rest is required on a daily basis. If you sleep lesser than that you will tend to remain tired the next day with nothing productive coming out of the day.

Visualizing Helps:

Prior to sleeping, you need to use your imagination power to think of some time you want to get up in the morning. This trick is highly effective and has shown amazingly positive results.

Calm Down:

meditation-for fitness
You should not go to sleep keeping your mind in active state. It becomes difficult to get up early if you have a lot of things going on in the mind, especially if simply switching off your laptop and hitting the bed. You must take some time after switching off the computer and indulge in a light activity like reading some book or meditate right before you hit the sack.

Aim for Something to Wake Up to:

When you go to sleep at night, you will have to keep some aim for the morning. You may want to prepare a to-do list you plan on doing after you wake up. This will help you to stay focused as soon as you get up from your sleep.

Maintain Discipline:

Waking up early every morning cannot be guaranteed and the tendency is to return to your bed for some extra sleep. However, with proper discipline and self-control you can always get desired result of a healthy mind and a healthy body that will help you endure the day’s stress and work load.

Encourage Passionate Activities:

As time passes you will discover that your morning rush is replaced by steadiness and time for other activities that you will enjoy indulging into. Consider morning walks or workouts or even watering your plants with plenty of time in your hands. You can take help of the Internet to get some great ideas for your morning activities that will not only be engaging but constructive.

running weight lossAll these ideas will work only when you are willing to rid yourself of self-indulgence and sleep in excess. Only you can make yourself sleep within the stipulated time for a fresh and active day ahead. Therefore, feel determined and follow the guidelines provided above and you will find dramatic results as far as waking yourself up every morning is concerned.

Are you going to try these best ways to trick yourself out of bed in the morning?

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