3 Common Things In The Best Weight Loss Diets


Common Things In The Best Weight Loss Diets

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The weight loss world is filled with misleading and often conflicting information. However, there are a few common things in the best weight loss diets out there. With the term ‘best weight loss diets’ I mean sustainable eating habits and not the fad diets that change every now and then.

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Experts are of the opinion that doctors and dieticians should focus on finding out which diet is best for each individual and not which one diet is suitable for everyone.

The best diets have some common factors. They encourage people to eat lots of veggies and avoid added sugars and reduced refined grains. However, one factor that seems missing is keeping a watch over the portion size. Diet experts are of the opinion that without watching your portion size, even the healthiest foods can make you gain weight if you eat too much of them.

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The common factors are useful and you would soon know why.

Eating veggies

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A plant-based diet is said to add lots of fibre and helps in keeping the calories balanced. To increase the intake of veggies, you can make certain changes to your food such as adding spinach to the omelet you make for breakfast, including a hearty salad at lunch and eating veggies with protein at dinner. Adding veggies to your snacks is also a good idea. You can always have carrot sticks with hummus. It is advisable to turn your refrigerator into a mini-salad bar. Keep a stock of chopped fresh carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and the like so that you can simply grab them on the go or add them to a recipe. The more accessible veggies are to you, the more the chances that you will eat them.

Avoiding added sugars

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Now come to added sugars. You need to stay away from added sugars, the ones that are added to foods while processing. Sugar terribly affects your health and the worst part is that you may not be able to realize that you are consuming it. So, you need to check labels of foods and find out if they have sugar in them. Be wary of sugar in pasta sauces, breads and soups.

The best way out is to find healthier alternatives to foods containing sugar. So instead of a sugar loaded fizzy soft drink, just have a glass of chilled club soda flavoured with lemon. You can also use pieces of fruit to jazz up your drink. Instead of snacking on a piece of chocolate, eat nuts or a bowl of yogurt with fresh fruits.

Add more protein and fibre to your diet to help reduce sugar cravings. Fibre helps you stay full for a longer period of time.

Say no to refined grains

Foods Which Make You Fat white bread

Just like added sugar, refined grains can wreck your weight loss goals. Foods containing refined grains are white bread, pasta and rice. However, crackers and cereal are also made from refined grains. They are just empty calories that increase your appetite leading to too much calorie intake and eventually weight gain.

To decrease refined grains consumption, choose foods like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, quinoa and oatmeal. Read labels of packaged foods and make sure that whole grains are the first few ingredients on the list.

Finally, just remember to keep a control on your food portions so that you don’t accidentally go overboard. Try the practice of mindful eating.

If you follow all the above tips, you can soon lose weight the healthy way!

Hope you liked reading about the common factors in the Best Weight Loss Diets!

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