Best Weight Loss Technique-Fake It Till You Make It


Best Weight Loss Technique-Fake It Till You Make It

Everyone has flaws and I am no different. My self esteem is on the higher side, and a lot of people confuse it with ego. But since excess is always bad, my self esteem takes me for a ride sometimes. The moment someone tells me “I can’t” , I put my life and soul to make it happen. It’s not than I do it to prove myself, I am one rare creature who thinks I am answerable to none, although none has been replaced by a few , phew….   I do the undo-able because its gives me a high!

People booze to get a high and I always want to be high on Life! For all my madness, I am a person who doesn’t need reasons to be happy, I create my own reasons. While doing so, with my experience, I have learnt a great technique – Fake It Till You Make It.

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This technique has helped me to hang on, hold on there, just a little longer until I make it in all walks of life. It has ensured me success in personal and professional life too. This time, this has helped me in my never ending weight loss journey.

Fake It Till You Make It , simply means start believing something what has not come true yet but you are constantly trying to achieve it. Let me tell you how I do it !

Whenever I and Anamika talk, I make sure I tell her my weight. If my weight is X.9 kgs , I always tell her its X kgs. The .9kgs now becomes a target for me! Next time when I speak to her, I know I can’t tell her I am stuck, its a reputation risk lol. This way I make myself answerable to her.

X.9 is my favorite figure because I get so motivated to chuck off the figure after decimal 😉 . we did share a few tricks that have worked for us to break the stall and to push your weight down when you have stalled, check out these best weight loss tricks.

To make Fake It Till You Make It technique work for you, here are certain things that you need to do –

  • Have a partner in crime. Make yourself answerable to someone.
  • Always believe in your lowest weight reading, it may not be accurate but it will always be a motivation. When you hit your lowest point, consider all readings above it as your increased motivation. Work hard to hit your lowest figure every time you weigh.
  • Reward yourself every time you lose a few kgs.
  • Jump a few times when you just drop 100 grams welcoming a new number on the scale 😉
  • Ditch your perfection. You can’t wait for the day to do everything right one day and lose weight.  Its like you will drive your car when there is no other car on the road. Comon, that will never happen. Take baby steps, 1 step at a time takes you closer to your goal. If you are 80% right, you are on the right track !
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By the way, I forgot to ask 😉

Will you try this Best Weight Loss Technique-Fake It Till You Make It ?

Do let me know if it works for you !



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