Fitness Freaks-Best Weight Loss Tricks Of All Time


Fitness Freaks-Best Weight Loss Tricks Of All Time


We are back as promised 🙂 . Today, we are sharing with you some serious, some not so serious, some honest and some creepy tricks that helped us to lose weight or to break a stall. This post is not meant for weak hearted people lol, you may burst out laughing or …..   ! Read on to find out 🙂

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Weight Loss Tricks From Dr.Sahiba

Hiee guys..

Like every other person on the journey towards getting fit, I myself have tried a zillion options. There are 3 such things which have seemed to work for me every day all days.

  1. Following the proper body cycle: Getting up early, eating on time and most importantly sleeping before or till 11pm. No doubt there are days when I am not able to follow this completely but time and again I am reminded of the good results that my body reaps when I practice this. Not only weight loss but complete fitness- body’s healing power increases, skin gets better, I am to able to work better and what not.
  2. Light dinner: It keeps my body light and definitely brings in a lot of difference in my body’s fitness. I cannot sleep with heavily filled stomach now.
  3. Having trifala with water at night and drinking 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning: “Trifala” as known to many is a mixture of 3 fruits- harada, baheda and amla. It is available commercially in powder as well as tablets form. I consume locally made two trifala tablets with plain water at bedtime. This regulates my metabolism like nothing else. It is immensely beneficial especially for digestion, skin and eyes. Starting my day with water again aids in my digestion and metabolism.

That is it for this time. Meet you guys in the next post.

Weight Loss Tricks From Vrinda

For me a simple diet trick or even some form of exercise which helps me to stay fit.

1. Diet wise I simply trade a meal and have fruits. Like on my birthday, husband decided we go to a fancy resort to stay. So naturally we had to eat outside food, I sipped warm water throughout. Also I had fruits/ grilled veggies for dinner. Buffet meals were a big no for me.

2. Exercise wise I love Vinayasa form of yoga. Or simple full body circuit does the trick. I feel energetic and there is a rush of blood in my body.

3. Sometimes I need a quick detox, although I’m a vegetarian by choice still detox becomes necessary. I simply mix lemon juice, water and a pinch of rock salt. It’s a perfect drink to make yourself feel lighter. Caution don’t over do it. Consult a doc if you have any BP problems.

Weight Loss Tricks From Kanan

It would be unfair to my true nature if I write any thing serious here 🙂 as this is one post I keep waiting throughout the week to write crazy things and actually pray Lord Almighty to allow Tarun think about the topic where I could be my whacky best. So today when I found this topic, my wicked brain started tumbling out crazy tricks which I had tried while on my weight loss journey.

First one was actually buying a smaller size … what!! Dress…. noooo…”Paanntyiii” 😛 and keeping it with the one of the size, I was wearing during “those days” which belonged to 98 kg body. And do you know why I did that; because once reading experiences of women who had lost over 30 kg weight , I read a very interesting experience in which the woman concerned said that one day while she was walking up the hill towards her house,she saw few huge white flags flying on the clothing line and looking at them she suddenly realised that those were not flags but her panties drying in the sun. 😛 Reading this forced me to think about my size too which was XXL and at times XXXL too depending upon the brand. And the moment I kept BIG and the small size together I realized what I was heading towards, so decided to stop using big sizes within a year and I did it. 🙂 Now come on I am not going to tell you people my latest size… Ha ha.

Second crazy thing that worked wonders for me was watermelon… LOL yes, water melon… those reading it might find it funny and unhealthy but whenever I hit a stall (which was generally just before hitting a lower number like at 90kg, 80kg and 70 kg mark when I was dying to reach 89, 79 and 69 kg respectively) I took refuge in watermelon and was able to break the stall. Now logic behind eating kilos of watermelon with seeds in a day was a break in low carb eating pattern. Since I was eating very low carb and body was getting used to it. Eating high carb watermelon gave it a break and jolted my body out of sleep mode and I lost weight. second thing was watermelon’s diuretic quality ….. Hope you got it!!! Yes, you guessed it right, I used to eat watermelon for one whole day and nothing else. By the evening I was a permanent visitor of toilet every one hour and then by morning I used to get that happy smiley face back standing on the scale. 🙂 I know it was a wrong way of losing weight and it was just water weight I was losing that way but when you are frustrated, I feel its better to kick restart your weight loss by hook or crook than leave everything in between and give up when you are nearer to happiness and success. Don’t you think so?  🙂

Weight Loss Tricks From Tarun

Proper sleep, clean eating and workout – everyone will mention here, so I want to spill some other beans here 😉

If you can’t figure out why you are not losing weight despite all efforts and doing it all, you need to do two things.

  • Increase the amount of antioxidants and fiber in your diet. Sometimes, your metabolism needs a jerk to kick start.
  • Start taking multivitamins. Most of the people miss out here. I am a vegetarian and like most of the vegetarians, I am deficient in Vitamin B12 which helps a lot of body functions, that includes fat burning as well. Whenever my weight loss goes for a toss and the scale refuses to budge, I know I am missing out on Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Once I start taking them, voila all is well 😀

If you still can’t figure out how to break a stall, then read on –

Warning – The next trick might need you to refrain making noises such as “Chi chi” or “Cheeeeeeeeeeeee” 😀

If you are stalled on low carb, plan a day such that you eat low carb till evening. After 6 pm, your dinner should be Papaya, as much as you want. Hog on Papaya till your tummy screams – “No more” . And then of course you will keep visiting in and out 😛 .  Wait, its not over yet.

Just when you are about to sleep, have a full glass of warm full fat milk. It would be a relief for your tummy since it would be empty by then 😛 . When you wake up in the morning, you will have the urge to go again after having 2 glasses of water 😛 .

I have done this papaya and milk dinner a lot of times when I stalled and it does work most of the times 😀 . Sometimes, you don’t feel you are constipated, in those cases also this trick works wonders. Btw, you can remove your hand from your nosey now 😉

Weight Loss Tricks From Anamika

1)Whenever I binge or my body makes me feel I had cheated too  much I just switch to BPC.2-3 BPC a day fills me up with some eggs and high protein diet and it works like magic.No weight gain even after cheating 😛

2) If you are into exercising don’t stick to just one type of exercising.If you are into dancing then divide your time into dancing and aerobics or swimming .But do what you like the most.

3) If you have the willpower then juicing just rocks.

Catch you soon next week !



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