Best Workout For Ectomorph Body Type


Best Workout For Ectomorph Body Type

Hi everybody,

Are you familiar with the Lakme fashion week? Yes? Ok, then you must already know what an ectomorph body looks like. Most of the ramp models have ectomorphic body type. They are the naturally lean ones, those who can afford eating heavy cheese ham burger for all three meals of the day and still would not put on much weight. Ah! I am filled with envy up to the brim.

Ok, let’s discuss ectomorphs in detail.

ectomorph body
Good things about ectomorphs –

  • less percentage of fat

What could be better than having least fat on your body without even working out? Ya, these people do not tend to put on weight and have very less percentage of fat in their body- naturally.

  • Small structure

They have a small bone structure and generally long arms and legs. On a lighter note- they do not have to spend sleepless nights worrying about whether a dress would fit them or not. 😛 Also, they do not have to think before nodding in favour of any delicious calorie rich food item.

And the not so good things about ectomorphs –

  • lack the curves.

Ectomorph women lack the girlish curves. (When they say, God does not give everything to everyone, they are absolutely right 😛 )

  • Difficulty gaining weight and muscles

They have difficulty gaining weight as well as muscle mass. (poor ectomorphic guys). As a result a bad lifestyle can still give belly fat to an overall lean ectomorph.

Best Workout For Ectomorph Body Type –

Most of the people have this notion of not needing to work out at all if they fall in ectomorph category. Well, practically no one has a perfect body without working for it. The ‘no fat skinny people’ also have to strive to have good mass at the right places and stay in shape.

ectomorph body type
Here is what ectomorphs should be doing-

• Ectomorphs having less of fat, do not require too much of cardio. Cardio should be limited to a small time period every day; the amount sufficient enough to build stamina over a consistent period of time- that’s it.

• For these people to have proper shape or build of the body, heavy  is required. That would build muscles mass and bring in the much required shape to the body.

• Low repetitions but higher weights for each muscle group would work best for ectomorphs. By higher weights, I don’t mean to provoke you to pick the heaviest dumbbell on your first day itself. It means that you should keep increasing the weight with time while keeping the repetitions low.

• Allow your body to properly repair after the workout by spacing each muscle group well because you are already working out with heavy weights.

• Feeding the muscles is invariably important for ectomorphs as well. Your muscles will show better results when you feed them right pre and post workout.

• Some ectomorphs keep on losing weight as a tendency if they do not eat heavy meals. So, for such people heavy nutritious food is mandatory. Along with that if they perform good weight training; they can have that dream shape body with right curves as well.

So, now you know it’s not easy for even ectomorphic people to have a perfect body. Perfection only comes with hard work.

Give to your body the right kind of food and workout and it will smile back at you in good shape.
Until next time, take care!

Are you an ectomorph ?

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