Best Workout For Endomorph Body Type


Best Workout For Endomorph Body Type

Hi everybody,

I am back. I explained to you the three body types and their predominant features. Today I will be sharing with you what kind of workout suits better to people with endomorph body type. Mesomorph and ectomorph body types will be taken up later in the series.

Endomorph body type is the one that dominates more in the Indian population. Most of us are either complete endomorphs or semi endomorph- which means acquiring features of endomorph type along with features of some other body type like in my case.

endomorph celebs

The good things about Endomorphs-

  • Endomorph women are said to acquire a great figure because of their slim waist line. They tend to accumulate weight mostly on the lower half of the body. This feature can be enhanced by correct workout and you can come closer to attaining a sexier body
  • Curves are the main feature of this body type. Even if heavy, curvy body is always attractive. Curves can be chiselled furthermore to gain an even more attractive body.

endomorph jennifer lopez

Examples of endomorphs include Jennifer lopez which is by far the lady with the most attractive figure according to me. She is the inspiration for all endomorphs out there. There is no such thing as “being as attractive as that slim girl” or “being as slim as Kareena kapoor”. You just have to enhance your own bodily features to gain a healthy and attractive body that is unique to you.

By quoting Jennifer lopez’s example I am again just stressing on getting inspired for loving your own body and working out to enhance its features. Understand that Jennifer can never have Deepika padukone’s body or vice versa while they both are attractive in their own bodies.

The not so good things about Endomorphs-

  • They tend to lose weight slowly owing to their slow metabolism. (Again there is nothing such thing in the world that can’t be worked upon)
  • Body fat percentage is generally on the higher side that is their bodies tend to retain fat for which these people have to work harder.
  • Endomorphs generally require a little more will power and hard work than the other two body types.

Workout type that works best for Endomorphs

For endomorphs fat loss and building muscles both are important. They have to primarily do cardio workout for fat loss. Weight training ensures building muscle mass and a proper shape for your body, although cardio should dominate the workout routine. Also, consistency is the main concern for endomorphs. Already the metabolism is playing the slow game and otherwise also fat burning is not an easy process. Consistency in cardio workout and varying with the intensities and type of workouts is very important for such people. If you chose to run today, bring in varieties in that day after day. Either do interval training or plan different workouts while predefining the speed for every minute and so on. You may opt for different options in cardio workouts like running, cycling, swimming, aerobics etc.

Weight training

This is an indispensible part of workout routine for any body type. For endomorphs, weight training should be done in medium to heavy strength to acquire proper body shape while maintaining muscle mass. Build the routine for medium strength weight training first. Slowly as you lose fat and gain strength, practice heavy weight training on some days and continue with medium strength training on others.
With right workout and being consistent you can turn your body into one fit and attractive piece. 😛

I’d come back with workout types for other body types as well. Till then, take care!

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