Best Workout For Mesomorph Body Type


Best Workout For Mesomorph Body Type

Acha ji,  I am back.

I am really sorry for missing out on the series post and fitness freaks post last Thursday and Friday. I am literally making that ‘forgive-me-or-I’ll-burst-a-tear-shower’ wala face. 😛 Ok, so I have brought today the best workout type for people with mesomorph body type. I have semi mesomorph body type; I so wish I was a complete mesomorph. These guys naturally possess a muscular and defined body and are a cause of envy in people falling in other body type groups.

Best Workout For Mesomorph Body Type

The good things of these lucky people include:

  • Well built bone structure
  • Generally have an hourglass figure
  • Generally broad shoulders- broader than the waist in most cases
  • Respond really well to workouts
  • Easy to lose weight
  • Gaining muscle mass is easy
  • These guys are naturally strong (blessed you see!)

mesomorphic celeb The not so good things about mesomorphs –

  • They have a tendency to not only lose weight fast but also to gain weight that fast. So, you know every mesomorph does not have a dream body. Bad habits and lifestyle as a whole can take a toll on mesomorph body type as well.
  • I will again repeat the bottom line, everyone irrespective of what body type he/she possesses has to work out and keep a good lifestyle in order to remain fit and attractive. A mesomorph person can be super fat and an endomorph person can be super attractive and fit. it all depends on who you want to be and what you do for it.

Best workout for mesomorphs-

  • Since mesomorphs generally have good muscle mass, they need to work just to tone and maintain those muscles. So weight training should be done with low weights and high repetitions for around 3 days a week and not every day. This would ensure the maintenance of their muscles and at the same time would not increase their mass.
  • Heavyweight training on the other hand can make mesomorphs look mighty bulky which obviously girls do not want.
  • Mesomorphs should concentrate more on cardio exercises to lose weight and retain their proper shape and curves.
  • Mesomorphs generally do not need to target a specific area to lose weight from. Good cardio exercises and minimal to moderate weight training would have them achieve a great impressive body.
  • Those mesomorphs who have even gained a lot of weight owing to the lifestyle should also concentrate more on a cardio workout with moderate weight training only. Cardio will cause the main weight loss in such persons and moderate weight training will tone and firm those muscles which would also cause inch loss.

After all, being said, the words of wisdom I shall repeat again- the wrong lifestyle can ruin the best of mesomorphic bodies and a good lifestyle can make an endomorph body be in the best of its shape. This is to help you chose the best type of workout for your body but it is you who has to get rid of the couch and get going.

Try working out on the above-described pattern if you happen to fall in this category.

Stay tuned for the third category that is ectomorph body type. Until then, take care!

Will you try this best workout for mesomorph body type?

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