Best Yoga Exercises For Flawless Hair And Skin

Traditional Methods To Nourish Skin

Best Yoga Exercises For Flawless Hair And Skin

Everyone talks about her beauty, her hair, her skin and praises her by the book. Cinderella wasn’t born a diva, Snow White slept till Prince Charming kissed her rosy lips, Pocahontas swam her way to her man’s heart! Snap out of the fairy tale stories will you! It’s time to bring in the beauty brigade- this time with the motto “No pain Plenty of gain”.

yoga for hair and skin 4Let’s work out

Working out can be fun, but you need to motivate yourself. Apart from making the muscles, lungs and the heart fit; there is another reason why exercising should be done everyday- for your hair and skin. Goodbye to costly facials and hair treatments – when you have magic in your own hands, why not use them. Exercising for the hair and skin has come down since ages, and if you closely observed grandma, she didn’t lift weights (or maybe she did) to have timeless beauty bestowed on her.

flaw less face IWB IndiaBalayam Yoga

Famous around the world and grandmothers too have used this ancient art to bring back black lustrous long manes; the Balayam Yoga can be practiced sitting at home or while at work. You do not need a special studio set-up, unwind and take a deep breath, that’s it.

yoga for hair and skinRub your nails together against one another gently for a minute or so, and give it a break. Do this thrice a day, and watch in a month’s time the difference.


The Uttanasana is another form of hair-growing exercise, practiced by many across the length and breadth of the country.  Also known as the Stand Forward Bend Pose, the Uttanasana, helps stretch the muscles, firm the skin, transport plenty of oxygen and nutrients to the hair, and increase hair-growth too.

yoga for hair and skin 1The exercise also helps bring relief from hypertension and anxiety pangs as well- main culprits for the loss of hair and dulling of skin.


The Ustrasana helps bend the spinal chord and allows more breathing, while the neck stretches and looks towards the ceiling. With more breaths taken on a gentle note, the Ustrasana helps transfer plenty of oxygen and blood to the skin cells and hair follicles.

yoga for hair and skin 2Why exercise?

You’ve heard of beauty treatments for the hair and skin, at home or maybe at the salon. But, with exercise routines in place, here is what you would get;

  1. Half an hour of work-out, leads to sweating. A mini-facial done already, since the pores would open, allowing dirt, grime and oil to flush itself out. Free radical damages are brought down to a large extent, and hormonal imbalances are kept in check as well. toxins too would be shown the door, or else they bring home blackheads and ugly blemishes.
  1. The body tones up, especially the muscles beneath the surface of the skin- giving you a healthy glow, strong and firm. When the skin has more for support under it, the surface of the skins becomes very elastic and firm- it drives out cellulite too.
  1. The more you work out, the more oxygen flows into the body. This helps diminish wrinkles and increase the production of collagen. With an increase in blood circulation, the hair follicles and the scalp would get a fair share of nutrients- enhances hair growth too.

yoga for hair and skin 3These were three most used and very famous yoga poses for hair and skin rejuvenation – tried by many and tested to be true. Yes, the internet is flooded with a range of other exercise forms to help with hair and skin needs, however, always use a certified trainer or an instructors help, before trying out any of the regimes on your own.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our three work-out tips for hair and skin rejuvenation. Do write into us and share your tips too.

Stay lovely and gorgeous always with exercises for hair and skin.

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