Want Better Weight Loss, Save Time In The Kitchen


Save Time In The Kitchen

For Better Weight Loss


Let us talk about those people who give excuses for not losing weight. One of the major excuses is … “I am always in the kitchen cooking and feeding family members, so never get time to take care of my own health and weight.” Hmmmm…. Well, Today we are here with some easy tips to manage time in kitchen without ordering food from outside.

Shout out to the working girls out there… Hey …. That is not healthy at all and you know it. Here are some tips to save time in the kitchen.

1) Work hard in the kitchen once a week

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work meal planning

  • Choose one day of the week and do all your prep work in the kitchen. That can include grocery shopping too.
  • Dice the veggies and store them in the fridge,
  • marinate the meat in advance,
  • peel garlic cloves and ginger,
  • make seasoning for your dals and freeze them in ice trays.

Such things are a huge time saver! This will make you ready for the week ahead.

2) Stock up frozen foods Frozen vegetables- frozen food bad for health

It is great to stock up your freezer with frozen foods. You can buy frozen veggies and meat and use them in your recipes whenever you want. It is a myth that frozen veggies are not as good as fresh ones. In fact, frozen veggies have a lot more to offer than fresh produce. They have more number of nutrients and antioxidants than fresh veggies. Frozen veggies don’t lose nutrition when they are transported from farm to the retail stores as they are flash frozen. Moreover, it is such a relief to grab a pack of frozen peas and add it to your matar paneer or aloo matar without having to spend hours in removing the peas from the pod!

3) Get creative with ingredients

fish curry +paleo India diet

You can roast onion, tomato, garlic and ginger together to make a single masala that is good for paneer butter masala, chicken masala as well as egg curry. This way you manage to make 3 dishes out of one masala! Just make a bigger batch of it and store it in the fridge. Use it up whenever needed! This will help you save a lot of time and energy as you don’t have to make the base masala for each dish separately. However, finish it up in a week’s time!

4) Upgrade the tools used in the kitchen

kitchen tools peeler 1

kitchen tools muffin moulds

Are you using the kitchen tools that your mom has been using? Then you are bound to be slow while cooking. It is recommended that you invest in new stuff. For instance, use spray and squeeze bottles for your oils as they will help you finish off the work faster. This also ensures that you use less amount of oil while cooking.

5) Keep your fridge organized

refrigerator full of healthy food. fruits, vegetables

Take some time out of your busy schedule and keep your refrigerator organized. Keep a shelf for breakfast, for lunch and one for dinner to make things easy. This will save time and you will stick to food from home.

All these tips help you save time in the kitchen and you can manage minimum one hour daily to do your favourite activity. The time that you save by following these tips can be utilized for looking after your mental and physical health. Go for walks daily. Buy membership of a gym or swimming class. Join some pilate or Zumba class so that you can lose weight despite completing all cooking chores easily.

Are you ready to save time in the kitchen for better weight loss

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