Bharat Thakur’s Yoga-An insight


Bharat Thakur’s Yoga-An insight

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For many years I have done Bharat Thakur’s Yoga on weekends, I was a regular at gym and we had yoga there too, but when it stopped, I joined BT Yoga just for two days a week, then I shifted to Pune, and I found them there also, the good part about these classes are that the organisation is flexible and you can do at the timing/class which suits you.

Although, I am a big fan of these classes and I am no one to have a critical view about them, but none the less, the quality of trainers and their experience is what makes a class superb. After all, Shri Bharat Thakur is not conduction the class after all, but all his trainers are apparently trained by him and he keeps a check as well. This I know, because he supervised our class once in Pune. It was a great experience.

Anyway, moving on to the class, if you are in India, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the classes are conducted all over. You can even take a trial class to see if it suits you.

Bharat thakur yoga at hyderabad

Benefits of a Bharat Thakur class:

The class starts with basic warm up session and few asanas to open up joints and remove stiffness from the body. The class is a bit fast paced, thus do not expect it to be a relaxing one. Although after the session, you feel very relaxed. Let’s come to that later.

1. Surya namaskars for cardio:

The class is a bit fast paced and if you plan to take your mom or someone else, you must inform your trainer that he pays special attention to her. Sometimes the class focuses on 108 surya namaskars, but that usually happens after certain number of months and with regular practice. The surya namaskars are done with a variation and some twists. The asanas are modified in between and child pose is often recommended in between.

tricksplanet surya namaskar

2. Strength training with various holding asanas:

These asanas focus on muscle building with variations in simple forms, mind you there is lot of stretching and it is only going to improve your flexibility. The class focuses on full body and if you have any kind of injury, you should not take up the class. I too class once a week initially, because it was tiring for sometimes and I would end up getting back aches.

yoga hold position

Some things I do not like about the class;

I have taken up classes at the GK 2 and Hauz Khaz centres, I personally liked the GK2 trainer and found him better. He focused more on correct posture and gave personal attention to all the students. The HK trainer is supposed to be the best, but honestly it felt more like I was at a gym and I was being told to more and more Surya namaskars.

In Pune, I took classes at 2 venues and both were excellent, I have to make a special mention here to one senior trainer Jagat, who was simply superb. Trainers like these attract more and more westerners come to India and learn yoga.

Sometimes, the class can be suited to what the students in the class demand, so the focus is more on weight loss and things like that which I do not appreciate. The class is very intensive and I suggest that if you are new, you must start a bit slowly. Bharat Thakur classes focus on that as well, and I like that part.

3. Partner stretching on Sundays:

There is also a special feature on Sunday classes which is 1.5 hours long, at the end of the class, there is a partner stretching session for 10 minutes, which is very innovative. The whole class is paired. And each one stretches the other in turns. It is a great way to get complete stretching after a tiring session.

yoga partnersstretching

Overall, the class is good and I would suggest taking a trial first and then deciding for yourself if that suits you or not. The classes are a bit expensive and varies from city to city. Some classes even focus on pranayama, but those are particular days when it is performed.

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Has anyone else done Bharat Thakur’s Yoga? Share your insight.

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