Biggest Food And Nutrition Lies In India


Biggest Food And Nutrition Lies In India

Nutrition industry is full of liars. I did a post on biggest nutrition lies already. I am redoing this post emphasising the Biggest Food And Nutrition Lies In India .In the past few days, I have heard so many incorrect statements that I just could not control writing.

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Biggest Food And Nutrition Lies In India

India has a diverse food heritage across states! With metros going cosmopolitan, you can have North and South together at one place. Despite being so deeply tied to our food that runs in our genes, we have welcomed all kinds of cuisines with open arms which is great! Unfortunately, we have also welcomed some fads that continue to make us sick and more sick every day!

Amul Butter vs Amul Nutralite

Butter Or Margarine Which Is Better

To my surprise, even those who have lost weight believe that butter is unhealthy. They use Nutralite to cook their dishes instead of butter. For Christ’s sake, nutralite is margarine. Margarine is not a natural food at all. Its full of trans fats which are a disaster. Why staying away from butter, it is healthy fat than we need. Its so unfortunate that we prefer to eat chemicals over a natural food which is fatty! Sure butter is fatty but its NOT fattening. Nutralite is FATTENING.

Desi Ghee vs Saffola/Dhara/Any vegetable oil

Saffola is running an ad nowadays that every 3/5 woman in India above 35 years of age has cholesterol. Saffola urges women to take free cholesterol test. I appreciate the step. Wait a minute, why women have cholesterol by the way? In good old days when vegetable oils like Saffola Dhara etc did not exist, people were healthier. What does it signify? We used to cook in desi ghee and kadwa tel(mustard oil) and now everyone cooks in vegetable refined oils. And then the companies who produce refined oils offer free cholesterol tests , of course after giving cholesterol to people !

Toned milk vs Full fat milk

Most of the Indians, especially the ladies are exorbitant consumers of toned milk. Toned milk make us sexy, that’s the belief. Unfortunately its just the belief and is a lie! You pay 1 re less for toned milk from which everything healthy is extracted and that healthy fat is utilized to make some other product for which you pay extra money. Why not have full fat milk? It does not make us fat. In fact, you will skip your cookies if you have a glass of full fat milk. Remember those cookies that you have at midnight when your toned milk leaves you hungry?

Fat free this and that

Ooooh yeah fat free and extra sugar products which are crazily priced and are diastrous for health are a new trendsetter. If you don’t have fat free this and that, you’re not cool. How rubbish? How can any food be healthy when its healthy fat is removed and instead suicidal sugar is added to it?

Artificial sweeteners

This is a rage in India. Please stop using Sugar Free Natura, Sugar Free Gold and Equal. These are chemicals which our body cannot digest. We cannot digest chemicals. Replace your sugar with Stevia. Its a natural sweetener.

There are many other cruel lies that destroy our health everyday! More in the upcoming posts.

If you know any nutrition myth prevalent in India, please share with us!



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