Biggest Nutrition Lies You Still Believe


Biggest Nutrition Lies You Still Believe

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Biggest Nutrition Lies You Still Believe

biggest nutrition lies ever

1. Low Fat is the healthiest way of eating

Just because Fat is named as Fat, people believe that it makes us fat. Fat does not make us fat. Low fat diets are neither healthy nor bring you weight loss. In fact, foods that are low fat, are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. Sugar is an evil and is the cause of obesity and all lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and increased bad cholesterol. Naturally, no food was devoid of fat. Then why running away from it.

2. Egg Yolk is unhealthy

weight maintain eggs

Eggs are the healthiest food ever. Egg yolk is discarded because it is high in cholesterol. Cholesterol in diet does not raise blood cholesterol. In fact, eggs increase much needed good cholesterol. In fact, all nutrients except protein are power packed in the yolk and not white portion of egg.

3. Eating grains is necessary


Grains were never a part of stone man’s diet who were our ancestors.  They worked physically whole day long without tiring. They survived adverse conditions in life which we can only imagine. So you can’t say that eating grains is necessary for survival. Most of today’s health problems because of modern day wheat.

4. Saturated Fat is unhealthy

Its a myth that saturated fat raises the risk of heart disease. Eating saturated fat increases good cholesterol.  Butter, meat, cheese, coconut oil, ghee etc are the healthiest foods.

5. Low carb diets are Fads

low carb low calorie

I personally believe that low carb diets are the only solution  to world’s increasing obesity. Low carb diets have a lot of health benefits not limited to –

  • Weight Loss
  • Lower BP – for high BP patients.
  • Increase in good cholesterol
  • Decrease in bad cholesterol
  • Better energy levels, skin and over all health
  • No mood swings

6. Packaged fruit juices are better than cold drinks

Unfortunately for many years even I thought that packaged juices would definitely be healthier than cold drinks. I was so wrong !

7. Eating fat makes you fat

Eating fat does NOT make anyone fat. High carb diets make you fat. Junk makes you fat. Sugar makes you fat. Fat is needed by our body for various functions. Its so unfortunate that Fat is considered to be such a negative word.

8. Trans fats are light on stomach

Its an irony that Indians believe vegetable oils are so called lighter and they avoid ghee and butter. Vegetable oils are processed  and contain trans fats . Trans fats are processed unnatural fats

9. Margarine is healthier than butter

Its a plain lie. How can a processed food be healthier than natural food ? Read the truth about margarine and health benefits of butter here.

Were you shocked by any of these nutrition lies?

If you need any clarifications, please ask your doubts in the comment box below 🙂



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