Bikram Yoga Experience and Benefits


Bikram Yoga Experience and Benefits

And the final two postures were like hell, I was soaking in sweat, short of breathe but still determined to finish. Yes this is what you will feel, if you ever took up a Bikram yoga class. The story goes here:

“One fine day, in our new neighborhood, Vrinda exclaimed to her husband, oh look! Bikram yoga class!!!!! Husband, not knowing what he is getting into says, oh wow!  So Vrinda is yapping all about Bikram yoga (limited knowledge) till she calls up the centre. She is delighted to hear about the weekend class. She ropes in her husband and gets set for day 1.”

Bikram Yoga Experience and Benefits

Bikram Yoga Experience and Benefits

Hi my friends,

Let me share with you, what is a typical Bikram Yoga class. The class is regulated at a temperature around 40 degrees Celsius with about 40-50% humidity. The class is done in this hot and humid weather. It is believed that the hot weather makes you do the Asanas with more ease as it opens up your muscles.

I took Husband along with me, since he has been dodging gym for many days. I was simply excited and anxious.

What we do at the Bikram Yoga class(also known as Hot yoga)

I wore capris and a tee to the class, which was soaking wet by the end of the class. In all we do 26 repetitions, twice each. The class lasts about full 90 minutes with 2 pranayams and small 3-4 seconds water break (twice). The trainer was a very well experienced teacher, her name is Amy. All she did was speaking on the micro phone; we had to listen to what she said. If anytime I had a doubt, I would see my fellow yogi’s. Amy would help us, in case we needed to correct a particular posture. However, the postures were fairly simple. I have done Hatha yoga before, so doing them was easy. The one issue was the heat, which made me sweat like a pig.

We started with 2 sets of breathing exercise and then 26 Asanas for all the muscle groups. I never went out from the room; I continued to stay in for the whole 90 minutes, which was an achievement. By the end of the class, I was all red.


What to do post the class

Have plenty of fluids, I remember I started with drinking lot of water, I went home, prepared lemon juice for me and Husband. I had fresh barley and tomato soup for dinner and I ate well. I slept like a baby and was ready for Monday. I dare say, I skipped gym on Monday, as I needed to recuperate.

All in all, the class is very challenging; I would go once a week, as I don’t have the energy after work to take up the class.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

  1. Weight loss– hell ya!
  2. Toxins flushing out- Totally.
  3. Flexibility- yes, road to becoming a gymnast,
  4. Self-control- Yes, if you manage to stay in for 90 minutes.

Possible side effects

After the class, I read about how people perceive it. Well, this practice was started abroad first, where people are very sensitive to even a mosquito bite.

However, I felt that the following effects are more suitable to Indians:

  1. Dizziness,
  2. Short on breath,
  3. Muscle pain,
  4. Back pain,
  5. Dehydration,
  6. Redness/dryness of skin.

How to recuperate after the class

Many of those effects may not be felt by many, however, the same can be overcome if you take complete rest, shower after the class and eat well.  Replenish the lost salts by having lemon water; add some black salt and sugar. Eat healthy that day, and sleep to recuperate. Avoid any strenuous exercises on that particular day.

Do try Bikram yoga if you are a Yoga fanatic. It will bring a lot of patience and perseverance in you.

Till then, keep fit!

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