Simple Questions To Stop Binge Eating

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Easy Questions To Stop Binge Eating

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Binge eating is one habit that is on the rise these days. It is a behaviour characterized by an intense and sudden urge to gobble up the food you love that too in large amounts. It is like an episode of uncontrollable eating. The sufferers report that they feel ashamed and powerless afterwards.

Binge eating and 11 tips to overcome it

Those who binge eat find it very tough to control themselves. However, they can do something constructive about it. If you are a binge eater, every time you feel like running into the kitchen and finish off the jar of peanut butter, just stop and take the following survey:

1) Am I really hungry?

2) Will I be satisfied after eating?

3) Is this true?

These questions seem repetitive but are extremely crucial as most often binge eating can be initiated by reasons that are not related to physical hunger. People search for entertainment, comfort and peace of mind in the kitchen cabinets but the truth is that food cannot provide those needs. While everyone falls for emotional eating, binge eating occurs when one tries to curb the underlying sentiments through crazy and guilt-ridden consumption of food.

The cravings related to one’s mood are not related to biology but instead are a habit. Hence, it becomes important to find out whether you are experiencing physical hunger or not. It also answers what you are truly craving.

4) What do I really want at this moment?

If it isn’t physical hunger that is making you get into the kitchen to eat, you may actually be benefitted by focusing your energy on what you really need. Do you want to cry or take a nap? Do you want to talk to a loved one or get some fresh air? Do you want to pray or meditate? Do you want to take a hot shower or you want a hug? Ask yourself what you want and fulfill it.

5) Am I seated?

6) Have I put food on my plate?

7) Am I undistracted?

8) Will I eat slowly and mindfully?

Now, if you are really hungry, the above questions will remove the ‘out-of-control aspects’ of bingeing and bring in a piece of mind to your eating experience.

Sitting down on the table and using pretty crockery will activate your senses and tune your body to enjoy the pleasures of nourishment without letting yourself get stuffed. When you eat with dignity and awareness, you will eat less and your stress will decrease. Most often, people binge due to restriction.

eating at dining table

9) Am I still feeling hungry?

While binge eating, take a moment to assess whether you are still hungry or not. It doesn’t mean that you should stop only when you have polished off the entire bag of chips or finished the whole cookie jar. It would be wiser to stop when you don’t have that impulse to munch.

10) How does my body feel?

Is your tummy feeling bloated? Are you feeling jittery? Does the roof of your mouth hurt due to the salty stuff you just had? This can happen when you are binge eating. So, check the physical symptoms and this will help in stopping you binge eating further. You will know when to put the jar down and walk away.

For more recovery power ask the following question after a binge:

11) What is the restriction?

Most binges are due to the restriction of the mind or body. Get honest and check your food rules. It is most probable to binge when you have vilified some foods and macronutrients.

12) What do I really require?

Before binge eating ask this question to you: what is it that I really require? Find out a way to cope up with the unwanted feelings, the urge to reward yourself or to unwind.

13) What can be learned from this experience?

After getting recovered from a binge, you should stop to find out what the underlying issue is represented by the binge. Find out when, why and how you started binge eating. It will be of help.

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