Bite Counter Gadget For Weight Loss


Bite Counter Gadget For Weight Loss

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Humans are so very worried about weight issues that they are coming up with new techniques to lose weight with every passing day. Something came to my mind suddenly; do animals worry about their weight and size? Have you seen a lion look at his reflection in the lake and determine whether he has got strong muscles? I know you would have burst into laughter after reading this line but have you ever seen a thin elephant or a fat ant? They are usually of the same size. An elephant is always huge and gigantic and an ant is always petite and small! I leave it at this point for you to ponder upon 😛

 Bite Counter Gadget For Weight Loss

Bite counter gadget for weight loss

This post is dedicated to the new gadget called the Bite Counter. With the birth of this latest gadget, maintaining a food journal or weighing your food might seem like ancient practices! This Bite Counter is a high tech watch that you have to simply strap on. It will count your daily bites.

The developers of this device are from Clemson University. They say that bite counting could be a substitute for counting calories. This will enable individuals to monitor their intake better. They have done research in this line and have found that 100 bites is the magical number of bites for both men and women to lose weight. It is roughly 1,700 calories for the males and 1,100 calories for the females!

The bite counter is meant to recognize the pattern of a bite. When you munch or roll your wrists in a typical pattern; when your fingers point downwards to pick up something to place it in your mouth the bite counter notes everything. You may use any kind of utensil and can eat any kind of food, the bite counter will be able to detect how many bites you have taken. The device is also capable of telling you to slow down or stop eating after you have hit the number of bites which is your target.

Bite counter for weight loss

Like every gadget this one too must be having a bug in it. What is puzzling is that how does the watch know what one is eating. Suppose one eats an extra large bite of a burger or a chocolate brownie, will watch know? And if a person eats two brownies together, will the watch spot it out? Such things can be a hindrance to weight loss. What about drinking from a glass? How does the watch know what is in the glass? It could be coke!!

An expert at the Mayo clinic says that if you happen to be eating too fast, you are probably not chewing your food well and are not enjoying it. If you don’t enjoy your food you will end up eating too much of it. You should not simply gobble down your food. It would be better if you eat slowly but what is really important is what you are eating. Is it healthy food or just pure junk? He also added that is 100 bites are equal to 1,100 calories for an adult female; just turn your watch off for some time during the day as consuming anything lesser than 1,200 calories is not advisable for anyone!

The watch will be available in a year and it will cost about 195 Dollars. Paying so much for a device to count your bites? Well the developers have put in their best to help people lose weight but more research should be done to find out whether this thing is actually effective or not.

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