Treating And Preventing Blisters Due To Sandals


Treating And Preventing Blisters Due To Sandals – Find Out!

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Are you someone who loves wearing sandals? I do! They are so comfy and airy.  Have you ever got blisters due to them? You must have. Everyone gets them at least at one particular time in life. The pain is difficult to bear and it becomes troublesome to walk even a step if you have blisters. I know many people walking kilometres with blisters as they had no other option 🙁

Though every new shoe tends to give trouble initially, having blisters can be a pain. Here are some expert recommendations to treat or prevent foot blisters that you can find useful!

Treating And Preventing Blisters Due To Sandals

1) Give your sandals a break

Great! You have a new pair of sandals. However, this does not mean that you should wear them for the whole day the first time. Before heading out with your new footwear i.e. wearing them outside from 9 to 5, it would be better to wear them around the house. Do so each day for a minimum of one week before you head outdoors with the new sandals.

2) Shop wisely

You should pay attention to the pair of sandals you are contemplating to purchase. You need to make sure that the sandal straps not rub over bony areas of your feet. Make sure that the straps are made out of soft material so that they don’t cause too much of friction and hence less blisters.

3) Treat your blisters

When blisters strike, you need to get them treated. The best way out is to give your feet a good soaking in warm water with Epsom salt for around 20 mins. Do this 2 to 3 times a week. This will help in reducing your swelling and thereby reduce friction. Apply an antiseptic cream on the affected area and tie with a bandage.

soaking feet to treat blisters

4) Moisturize your feet

The main cause of blisters is friction. It occurs more often when your feet are dry. It is recommended that you moisturise your feet as much as you can with shea butter. You need to hunt down foot creams or body lotions that have shea butter in them.

5) Do not pop your blister

You should not pop your blister at any cost. If you do so, you are letting infection in. The blister is a natural band-aid so it should be left alone and resolved naturally.

6) Prevention is better than cure

Say no to the pair of shoes that give you blisters no matter what you do. Just stop wearing them. However, if they are an expensive buy that cannot be simply thrown out, consider wearing a padding strip.

So, either choose your sandal wisely or treat your blister properly. Maybe after wearing for a while it may stop giving you a blister. Just remember not to bear too much pain, if something is troubling you just chuck it out!

Hope you liked reading this post on treating and preventing blisters due to sandals!

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